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As a MuleSoft Partner, our consultants solve immediate business problems, as well as design 'API-Led' solutions that are launch pads for future growth. We deliver change through a number of engagement types:

Strategic Engagements - Drive an API-led vision for large Digital Transformation activities/goals; this approach is focused on establishing a stable Anypoint Platform instance and initial foundation of C4E is completed with defined goals, roles and activities backlog.

Tactical Engagements - Focus on creating solutions to current business needs by building high-quality APIs; this approach is focused on Project delivery (e.g. a specific IT capability must be delivered in 9 to 12 weeks and integration development is required); C4E & API governance is discussed with the client but no activities are planned or performed.

Unleash the full value of your MuleSoft Investment.

Most companies realise the need to transform in order to compete and stay relevant in today's increasingly digital world.

Being a MuleSoft Partner, we help businesses develop faster and at scale and provide the flexibility to alter how services and functionality are executed.

Whether it is a retail giant looking to engage new customers with its own mobile app, a bank looking to provide customers with seamless access to their information, or a media company looking to reinvent itself for the digital age, every business has an API strategy that can enable them to quickly innovate.

With a focus on architecture design and development, Pexlify's proven methodology ensures your solution has a delivery plan that allows your business to scale and grow.

Helping your organisation benefit from MuleSoft.

Combining MuleSoft's powerful integration platform with Pexlify's expert consulting, training and development services, helps clients to unlock and unify data, empower developers, and transform their businesses for the digital era.

Connect data from any system - no matter where it resides — to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects.

Decouple point-to-point integration - create a flexible architecture in todays fast paced world allowing your business to innovate and change faster

Empower your business with APIs - allow your developers, partners and customers to discover and reuse APIs.

Transform to drive agility - deliver integrated experiences, products and services faster with an API marketplace.

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Through our unique Assessment workshops, our team of consultants work closely with you to get a true understanding of the challenges, goals and expected technical and business outcomes for your Integration Strategy. During this stage we will focus on producing the following:

  • As Is -> To Be Architecture / roadmap
  • System Analysis of proposed Use Cases
  • Business Value of using MS versus other options (i.e. p2p integration)
  • Delivery Framework
  • Level of Complexity / Order of magnitude per system (with assumptions)
Integration Architecture Design

After the 'Assessment' phase, our team will work with you on the Integration Architecture Design phase.

We will focus on detailed integration patterns, architecture design and outlining our 'Recommendations and Guidelines' on how to successfully design your Integration Strategy.

Solution Design

During the 'Solution Design' phase, we work with you to create the detailed design and data mapping of each use-case and system. This will include the RAML API specification.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Initial Configuration is a one-off prcoess which includes setup of environments, users, business groups, etc.


During the 'Execution' Phase, MuleSoft implementation will be performed, including the System, Process and Experience API development. Unit Testing, UAT and Go-live Deployment will also be performed in this phase.

The 'Execution' and 'Solution Design' phase can work in a recurring cycle depending on the number of platforms and systems to be integrated.

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