Enabling Insurance Companies to generate new business quotes 50% faster while generating new renewal quotations 60% faster.

We are specialists in Insurance and the Customer 360 platform

We help clients to digitally optimise their most important customer journeys – onboarding, policy renewals and claims, and customer support.

Most Financial Services companies have massive amounts of data dispersed across different departments and across different systems within the organization. We help break down data siloes and provide our clients with a holistic ‘360’ view of their customers.

Pexlify brings significant time-saving benefits to Allianz Care

Allianz Care specializes in providing international health insurance for employees, individuals and their dependents, wherever they are in the world.

Allianz engaged Pexlify to help replicate the current SQS functionality on the Salesforce Sales Cloud to enable Allianz to perform accurate and efficient Sales quotations.

Learn how Pexlify has helped Allianz Care to develop a custom-made solution called ‘QuoteForce'. Focusing on enhancing automation processes, QuoteForce has brought significant time-saving benefits to Allianz Care and helps streamline their entire quotation management process.

Challenges we help resolve for our clients.

“For large clients, renewal quotations could take up to 2-3 days to create (major clients can have more than 20 sub-groups). New quotation platform has reduced this process to 30-60 minutes for each large member quote.”

Accelerators for Financial Services

Learn how we quickly transform Customer Onboarding, Self-Service Support, Credit Checks, Document Generation & more.

Reducing Paperwork & Documentation Gathering. Shortening duration of renewals/claims/new business applications.

Our unique Accelerators quickly transforms client onboarding and claims processes, enabling insurers to improve fraud detection, cut loss-adjustment costs, and eliminate many human interactions.

With Self-Service capabilities, we allow Brokers and policyholders to diagnose their own problems and report incidents, as well as improving the overall customer/broker experience.

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Customer Stories

As a trusted partner, we deliver new innovations and features faster and securely for our customers. Through our Case Studies, get insights on the type of solutions we've developed across Insurance and the Financial Services sector.

AA successfully launches its Sales Cloud CRM platform globally with Customer 360 view.

AA migrates all existing policy data, personal accounts and their associated notes & attachments from their legacy CRM platform to a new Salesforce Sales Cloud Org.

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