Lightning Migration

Welcome to the Future of CRM.

We know it’s not easy switching to a completely re-imagined user interface. However, Pexlify is here to help. With its strong emphasis on user experience, this intuitive and intelligent Lightning platform helps Sales, Service and Marketing teams sell faster, work smarter, and make better business decisions.

Excellent service, incredible knowledge with all aspects of Salesforce.

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A Unified Salesforce Experience

We understand change can be difficult. At Pexlify, we leverage the Salesforce technology to drive transformation and innovation, while removing any concerns you may have.

Pexlify’s expert consultants will map out a clear transition path and advise you on your journey from Salesforce Classic to the new Lightning Experience. Using Pexlify’s unique methodology, we will explore and qualify your organisational requirements.

We’ll investigate your Salesforce org to learn how we can help enhance your employees’ and customers’ experience. Our goal is to unlock the true value of Salesforce for your business.

Enhanced User Experience

People may think Lightning is just a shiny, new UI. Well, they’re wrong –it's so much more. Lightning is a collection of tools and technologies behind the significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform. 

Optimised for speed and improvements in automation and workflow processes, Lightning is the ultimate productivity-increasing, time-saving, smart CRM solution. Through the ‘Lightning Design System’, a new ‘Lightning Component Framework’, ‘Visual Building Tools’, and more, Pexlify will help you deliver one unified User Interface and Experience across all platforms and devices.

Mobile Connectivity and Cross-Platform Uniformity - Users can integrate the Salesforce app seamlessly with thousands of mobile apps from the AppExchange. With just a few licks and drag and drop functionality, build custom apps to match your requirements and customers.

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Lightning Migration Customer Stories

As a trusted partner, we deliver new innovations and features faster and securely for our customers. Through our Case Studies, get insights on the type of solutions we've developed across Insurance and the Financial Services sector.

Funding Circle

Improve and optimize Funding Circle’s existing Underwriting process by enhancing the current Salesforce Lightning console.

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AA Ireland

AA Ireland migrates all existing policy data, personal accounts and their associated notes & attachments from their legacy CRM platform to a new Salesforce Sales Cloud Org

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ICON plc

ICON’s new ‘Key Client Hub’ community workspace allows management and sales agents to focus on their top tier accounts, improve communications & increase sales.

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Under an extremely tight deadline, Pexlify successfully migrated their data, notes and attachments on time for the launch of the new company ‘Absolve’ on the 2nd of January 2017.

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Modern UI = Work smarter with customisable Pages, Reports & Dashboards and much more.gers & Agents focused on action, not administration.

Mobile Connectivity = View, edit and update all your customer data quickly and easily from any device

 Visualise Your Data = Easily create animated, interactive Dashboards & Reports.

Unified Platform = Access Salesforce from desktop, mobile, tablets, and more.

Lightning Ready Apps = Download thousands of apps to improve operations & performance.

Pexlify Accelerators = ‘Pre-built lightning component Library’, ‘UI Wireframe Library for quick deployment’, ‘Pexlify Lightning Transition Guide’..

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Discover how Pexlify can create digital experiences that transforms and optimises your business with Salesforce.

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