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At Pexlify, we help you connect your entire workforce on one platform. We'll help you deliver intelligent, connected and fast on-site service using Field Service Lightning. We'll enable you to view key customer and employee data on-site, as well as automate workforce schedules and track products and vehicles.

This was our first engagement with Pexlify and we are extremely happy with both how the project was delivered and the quality of resources we worked with. We are excited to work with Pexlify on future projects.

Healthcare & Life Sciences (AppExchange)
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Handling a workforce that is constantly on the move is challenging for most businesses. Without some sort of field service management system, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of mobile workers.

Organising schedules, vehicles, deliveries, mobile workers, etc. without an automated system to handle this can become entirely unmanageable. Field workers can input product levels and request the product directly through the FSL app. Employees can also scan products and barcodes with their phones.

With organisations now delivering on-site services to customer locations, this data feeds directly back into Salesforce and provides a 360-degree view of the customer, enhancing the experience for all involved.

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Pexlify has experience delivering complex FSL solutions on Salesforce's unified platform. 

Automation might be one of the biggest improvements to efficiency in your company. Our team will help optimize FSL to automate schedules and routes for employees visiting multiple locations on a specific day. Schedules are run analytically and coordinate with a set of policies and rules to get the most optimised route to complete work.

We'll help you set-up features like Live-Agent Web Chat, Chatter and email integration allowing everyone to start singing from the same hymn sheet and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Field Service Lightning Customer Stories

As a trusted partner, we deliver new innovations and features faster and securely for our customers. Through our Case Studies, get insights on the type of solutions we've developed across Insurance and the Financial Services sector.


Ornua required an off-line mobile solution to enable their Field Sales team to efficiently perform up to 4,000 supermarket visits across Germany.

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Offline Usage = Seamless back-up with connectivity.

Scanning Capabilities = Employees can scan equipment and barcodes.

Multiple Services View Options = View in maps, lists or Calendars.

Customer Community = Customers can request their own appointments.

Navigation Connectivity = Connect to any navigational app.

Knowledge Articles = Accessible articles for employees anywhere, anytime.

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