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Thinking of migrating to Salesforce Lightning? Get expert insights and all the necessary information to help make informed decisions when deciding.

Over the last year, interest surrounding migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning has increased significantly. From the UI to feature-rich components, Salesforce Lightning is the perfect tool to help companies transform and automate their business processes.

From a technical and development standpoint, Lightning’s ease-of-use and drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to design page layouts and develop unique apps.

What’s covered in the Ebook:

  • Chapter 1 - The History of Salesforce Lightning
  • Chapter 2 - The Components that makeup Lightning
  • Chapter 3 - How Can Lightning Help Your Business & Deliver Enhanced Productivity
    • Five Productivity-Enhancing Features
    • The story of Kanban

  • Chapter 4 - Should You Migrate your Organisation?
  • Chapter 5 - The differences Between Lightning & Classic
  • Chapter 6 - Technical Challenges
  • Chapter 7 - 8 Step Migration Plan

So if you or your company are thinking of migrating to Lightning, please download our eBook to learn more.

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