QA Scorecard

Empower Your Agents With QA Scorecards

With Pexlify’s QA Scorecard app for Salesforce, give support agents insights into their performance and provide details on where they need to improve.

With an intuitive, user-friendly experience, improve your teams’ metrics by automating the QA process.

Automate the QA Process of your Agents

QA Scorecards empowers quality assurance managers and agents to evaluate and score performance.

Automate the creation of scorecards for your QA agents. You can then use these scorecards on any standard or custom object.

Allow your QA agents to complete scorecards and track your teams’ performance. Gain vital insights and identify problem areas, while improving the entire quality assurance process within your company.

Provide customer service agents and team leaders with information on where training may be needed and where processes can improve.

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