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An Industry of Innovation

The world has always looked at the Hi-Tech sector for its ability to change, adapt and transform quickly.

While Hi-tech companies need to be able to evolve their business environments rapidly, today, customers are the key, most powerful driver of innovation and change. Customer experience is not just important, it is the #1 priority for Hi-Tech businesses.

At Pexlify, we use the full capabilities of Salesforce to change the way Hi-Tech firms do business and interact with customers. By internally connecting the data of your customers across all departments, you can provide seamless communication and interactions between your employees and customers. Understanding customers is key.

Meet your Customers Demand for Speed

Salesforce gives your business what it needs to thrive in the Hi-Tech industry of today, the tools to understand customers intimately and build lasting relationships.

Maintained engagement and value for your customer should always be a top priority. You will need the ability and agility to adapt/modify/update your processes and technical solutions. Salesforce helps you with meet these challenges head-on with a platform that grows with you and your customers' needs.

Pexlify has extensive experience with businesses in the Hi-Tech industry and provides our clients with solutions that offer seamless customer experiences.

Challenges in Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech companies are continuing to look for ways to cut costs in order to become more competitive.

They can achieve this by focusing on :

Understanding Customer Behaviour

Digital platforms where customers can buy from is standard. They expect the buying process to be easy and user-friendly. What sets Hi-Tech firms apart now is their ability to understand customers and drive customer engagement.

Customer insight tools are predicted to increase by +79% in the next two years - Salesforce State of Sales Report - 2018

Expansion of Data

Data volume will continue to increase rapidly within the Hi-Tech sector. This will happen while products, services and customers complexity will increase.

Data must be shared with the right people at the right time and be relevant. Businesses who embrace AI capabilities will automate these processes and pave better paths for conversions.

Speed of Innovation

To build a platform or software tool is one step. Keeping up with the marketplace is a challenge and can be quite difficult. It’s expected that your product will integrate with many other systems.

In a world where companies thrive on disrupting each other, it is really is all about time to build, time to market and time to innovation.

One Unified Platform

Consolidate legacy infrastructures on to one common platform.

With a plethora of apps for almost every business function, use Salesforce's unified platform to deliver unified cross-channel customer experiences.

Integration & APIs

Offer improved integrations to manufacturing systems such as ERP platforms.

With tools like Mulesoft for Salesforce, accelerate your digital transformation and unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices to make smarter, faster decisions.

How we help Hi-Tech

As a trusted partner, we deliver new innovations and features faster and securely for our customers. Through our Case Studies, get insights on the type of solutions we've developed across the Hi-Tech sector.


CoreHR required a fully configured Salesforce CPQ to compliment the opportunities management and quotation performance.

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CoreHR required a community-based solution that assisted with increasing their case deflections by allowing customers to self-solve their support questions with knowledge articles.

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Ornua FSL

Ornua required an off-line mobile solution to enable their Field Sales team to efficiently perform up to 4,000 supermarket visits across Germany.

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