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Success is a journey, Not a destination

We understand that success is not built on technology alone. It is achieved through a combination of people, processes, tools and technologies coupled with technical expertise and best practices.

We define the requirements for mapping, transforming and automating new business applications, underwriting processes and internal workflows while aligning with the institution's finance, risk and control expectations.

With our Adoption Strategy, we make sure every project is a success by helping our clients and their employees migrate to new systems in the most effective way.

Challenges We Are Seeing

Complex, manual on-boarding processes - Many firms within the financial services sector have long, complex on-boarding processes, resulting in a lack of conversions. The major issues - gathering information, uploading documentation, and collecting digital signatures. This results in slow, manual processes with a low level of customer satisfaction.

Silos & disconnected data (too many back-office officials involved) - Silos and disconnected data go side-by-side with complex manual onboarding processes. Juggling data between different systems is not only creating inefficiencies for employees but also having an impact on transactions completed at enterprise level.

Lack of efficiency - The above points both lead to the third one, lack of efficiency. There is no room for errors or data being lost in the financial services sector. Automated workflows can speed up manual processes leading to greater productivity.

Helping Clients Across Multiple Industries


Pexlify helps Banks, Credit Unions and Lending institutions become more customer-centric. Through our Accelerators and custom solutions, we can quickly transform your digital presence.


Pexlify helps Insurance clients focus on optimizing the client experience and supporting regulatory compliance. We help speed up the onboarding, claims processing and policy renewal journeys.

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We help Fintechs across lending, payments, money transfers, asset management, and more integrate with other platforms, optimise processes, consolidate data and streamline client engagements.

Wealth & Asset Management

Pexlify delivers innovative solutions for wealth, asset and fund management clients. We deliver a holistic view of customers providing real-time info on financial records, accounts, household, goals and more

"Digital adoption is no longer an option but a necessity for survival."

In Financial Services, legacy processes tend to depend on many inter-related applications, leading to complex and costly operations. For transformations be successful, companies should focus on designing simpler, connected, responsive and agile solutions that corresponds to the needs of the business.

  • Helps to Establish a Customer-Centric Business Model

    Identify customer's specific requirements so that they can provide them with financial solutions when they need them the most.

  • 360 Customer View

    Get a full picture of customers. Access and view data as the client’s financial records, accounts, household information, and various networks, goals and other interactions

  • Reduced Operational Risk

    Reduces the possibility of cybercrime, miscommunication, errors and lack of compliance which can lead to a number of debilitating risks within a Financial Services firm

  • Replace Multiple Systems

    Built to scale and support growth, connect to any API-enabled solution and push your most valuable data where it is needed most.

  • Engaging with Customers Becomes Easier

    Financial firms are able to transform their business practices as everything from providing the right financial products to responding to customer queries and customer onboarding becomes, quicker, easier, and, in most cases, in real-time.

Accelerators for Financial Services

Customer Onboarding, Self-Service Support, Credit Checks, Document Generation & more.

Reducing Paperwork & Documentation Gathering. Shortening duration of renewals/claims/new business applications.

Our unique Accelerators quickly transforms client onboarding and claims processes, enabling insurers to improve fraud detection, cut loss-adjustment costs, and eliminate many human interactions.

With Self-Service capabilities, we allow Brokers and policyholders to diagnose their own problems and report incidents, as well as improving the overall customer/broker experience.

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