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Wonga provides small, short-term cash advances to UK consumers online. The company uses sophisticated risk and decisioning technology to make automated, yet responsible lending decisions. Wonga uses Salesforce to manage all of its customer service interactions and as a front-end to manage fraud, debt sale of loans, agent evaluations and bulk uploads of data for projects such as remediation or bad debt collection.

  • Location - London, UK
  • Employees - 366 licenses used by all of Wonga and 42 portal licenses
  • Industry - Financial Services
  • Solution - Service Cloud

Pexlify delivered Wonga’s complex new Flexi-loan project with all product requirements on time and to specification.


Implement Complex Flexi-loan Project into Salesforce Platform.

Wonga uses Salesforce to support their various product offerings. As part of the business expansion, a new loan instalment product was going to be offered to their customers.

This would require a new project to allow customer service agents to be able to view and manage these new customer loans in Salesforce. Once the basics had been set up, we would need to refine the configuration for Fraud Management and Collections to be able to support and report on this different type of product.

It was also imperative to allow the customer’s loan to be handled by third parties when required.


After meeting with Wonga and discovering their product and usability requirements, we used Agile Scrum to begin the development process. The PO raised high-level epics and user stories for the requirements for this new project which we developed and released to the live system in 2-week sprints.

Each new feature was demoed to the relevant stakeholders prior to release, as well as documented on our wiki. This work involved a level of integration with Wonga’s backend systems and external suppliers.


Pexlify delivered to Wonga a bespoke solution that allowed customer service agents to view, manage and collaborate on new customer loans within Salesforce.

  • Continuous integration - Throughout the project, Pexlify continually delivered all requirements for Wonga’s new product on time and to specification.
  • Customisation - Pexlify delivered the initial basic requirements to allow agents to view and manage the loans first, thereafter working on the enhancements and refinements.
  • Features & functionality - included:
    • Allowing fraud agents to work with the new loan types.
    • Allow loans to be transferred to a Debt Collection Agency if required.
    • Ensure compliance with FCA regulations for documentation and customer information on the loans.
    • Allow refund agents to work with the new loan types.
  • Continued Deployment - Based on the success of the original 3-month Flexi-loan project, Plexlify has started a new 6-month version of this project with different technical integrations.

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