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Ulster Bank

With over 180 years of heritage, Ulster Bank Ireland DAC, is a full-service Retail and Commercial Bank, focused on serving the needs of 1.1m customers in the Republic of Ireland. Ulster Bank leverages the scale, capabilities, and investment capacity of RBS to deliver a superior service proposition to its customers. Investments in technology, brand and people support these goals, to ensure that Ulster Bank remains at the forefront of Irish banking in a changing and competitive market.

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 3250
  • Industry - Financial Services
  • Solutions Deployed - Service Cloud (SMS Gateway), Sales Cloud

Implementing an O2 SMS gateway within their Salesforce platform, Ulster Bank increased their customer survey response rates by 60%.


Improve Survey Response Rates & Operational Performance.

Ulster Bank was struggling to improve their customer satisfaction scores and to understand, based on customer feedback, where they were performing well.

Historically, they would manually send emails and use phone calls, post account openings, to gauge how satisfied the customer was with the service they received.

Over time they noticed that email surveys had an extremely low response rate with an average of 15%-25% of customers responding.


Working with the bank and reviewing their customer engagement process, we were able to collaborate on designing a solution on salesforce that would automatically generate and send an SMS survey directly to the customer on major transactions - such as new account openings or on loan approval.

The automated solution was built to integrate with a 02 SMS gateway, and request feedback from customers in the form a score from 1-5 on how they performed.

With the SMS response, we were able to automatically direct the SMS response from the customer to the account record, thus building up an understanding of CSAT and also helping get an aggregated view on how teams were performing.


After detailed discussions with Ulster Bank about their software requirements, Pexlify implemented a solution that allowed our client to achieve the following results.

  • Delivery - Once deployed, Ulster Bank immediately noticed a significant increase in the number of responses they were receiving.
  • Increased response rates - On average, response rates were approximately 50-60% greater than the 15-25% previously recorded.
  • Insights - The data uncovered helps to continually identify key areas for improvement and helps drive additional investment for expansion.

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