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Staycity Aparthotels

Staycity offers service apartment accommodation and currently operate 16 Aparthotels with over 2,000 rooms across 10 cities in UK, Ireland and Europe. Staycity have 18 Aparthotels in the pipeline, bringing their total number of rooms to 6,000.

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 21-100
  • Industry - Hospitality, Travel & Transport
  • Solution - Custom Multi-Cloud Solution (Sales & Service Cloud)

Provide Management with visibility into Sales Pipeline & Account Activities. Predict future sales with accuracy & create strategies to focus on Tier 1 accounts.


Staycity were tracking pipeline on separate Excel sheets from their various Development Directors. The sheets had to be amalgamated manually by Sales Managers for review with company Directors.

Management had little visibility into sales activities and was not able to coordinate sales efforts to target Tier 1 accounts. Also, Management didn’t have visibility into their Sales Pipeline and couldn’t predict future sales with any accuracy.

Development Directors didn’t have a single platform on which to enter their Account data and sales activity data, such as call logs and tasks. Another issue was the lack of timely access to Site Appraisals which was the first step in sales opportunity qualification.

Staycity’s B2C business function was already set up on Salesforce and they wanted to integrate their Business Development function with it.


Pexlify deployed a customised Salesforce Sales Cloud - with Lightning interface as the solution.

Pexlify leveraged Salesforce’s Opportunity process to allow Development Directors to record all of their Pipeline deals’ key information. The team configured the Accounts object to allow users’ store important information on Staycity’s customers, as well as relevant information.

All ‘Activity’ components were configured to allow users to record call logs, tasks and notes against Accounts.

A suite of Reports and Dashboards were built to give visibility into Sales Pipeline metrics, Sales Activities metrics and Account Profiles for both Development Directors and Management.

Pexlify deployed and integrated the newly built Business Development function into the existing B2C Salesforce instance, thereby merging information from the two business functions.


Development Directors now have a single, unified platform on which to enter all-important business information, such as - Sales Opportunities, Account information, Sales and Account Activities. Users are up-to-date with all of their Accounts and have reduced time-wasting trying to locate information from disparate sources.

Management has greater visibility into Sales Pipeline & Account Activities. They can now predict future sales with accuracy and create strategies to focus on Tier 1 accounts.

Management and Development Directors are able to collaborate around Site Appraisals in weekly meetings and act in a timely fashion to target these identified sales opportunities.

With their two business function information integrated onto one platform, Staycity now had the ability to report on their end-to-end business process. Have begun tracking metrics, such as room occupancies, right the way back to their initial site scoping exercises.

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