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Ornua delivers improved operational efficiencies with Field Service Lightning

Ornua is Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish dairy products, exporting to 110 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Dublin, it has annualised sales of over €2 billion and has a global team of in excess of 2000.

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 2000+
  • Industry - Food Manufacturing
  • Solution - Custom Service Cloud Solution (Field Service Lightning)

Using Service Cloud, deliver improved operational efficiencies by increasing average daily store visits of Field Service Teams.


Ornua was looking to transform the way their Field Service teams operated. They wanted to increase productivity in the most cost-effective way. This would require an off-line mobile solution to enable their Field Sales team to efficiently perform up to 4,000 supermarket visits across Germany.

They required a way to manage all visits within Field Service Lightning in the German Language while adhering to German legislation.

Ornua wanted to manage the schedule and frequency of store visits and optimise the daily amount of store visits completed. Maintenance plans to ensure prioritisation and frequency of store visits. They also wanted to Record Odometer readings to track mileage.

Users needed specific access to Dashboards & Reports depending on user permissions and roles (German UI).

Marketing Activities were also required to facilitate national, as well as local promotions. These promotions may be retailer-specific or focused on certain regions across all retailers.


Pexlify delivered a Salesforce solution that provided Ornua with offline functionality for the recording of store visit information - available offline without internet connection as some in-store locations are not covered by Wi-Fi or mobile reception. Data recorded offline updates seamlessly once the remote data connection is re-established.

Pexlify configured Customer POS information for individual retail stores with the ability to record store visits & product information, reporting functionality, etc.

Pexlify worked closely with Ornua to help define policies and work rules within FIeld Service Lightning. Using the Scheduler & Route Optimiser, Ornua can now auto-generate schedules and appointments based on the needs and location of their workforce.

Admins have the ability to set up questionnaires that can be used as Customer Surveys at POS by District Sales Managers (using Salesforce Standard Surveys).

Pexlify also delivered dynamic UI language and support – German/English. All requirements are based on the German market and for the German Field Force team, while global scaling requirements were taken into consideration during the design phase.


Pexlify delivered a Service Cloud (FSL) solution with proven mobile access and support for Ornua’s Field Service teams. Through innovative process and automation management, the Field Service Lightning solution delivered:

Route Optimisation - Major productivity and cost impact due to increased efficiencies.

• Increased average daily visits completed from 5 to 8.

Increase in Sales in advance of in-store promotions due to early warning.

No loss of data or productivity when the Internet connection is lost in cold areas of supermarkets.

Real-Time price comparison per region.

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