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MDL Mercedes-Benz

MDL Mercedes-Benz Limited is the sole distributor of Mercedes-Benz vans and trucks in Ireland. They work closely with a network of 20+ dealers and assist in the management and reporting of sales and distribution of vehicles.

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 21-100
  • Industry - Automotive
  • Solution - Service Cloud (Field Service Lightning)

Optimize sales processes and efficiencies to increase revenues through improvements in Lead Management, Opportunity Tracking, and Reporting functionality.


MDL Mercedes-Benz required a solution to help track leads and opportunities, as well as improve the reporting capabilities for their organisation. In order to maximize the efficiency of current processes, MDL Mercedes wanted to focus on three main areas - lead management, opportunities processing and account management.

They were looking for a cloud-based platform to provide a 360-degree view, with all information accessible in one location.

MDL wanted to be able to measure and report on marketing campaigns and ensure value for money. It was important to be able to monitor and report on lead conversions and ensure dealers were actively pursuing leads.

The ability to commit opportunities to different stages and report on the same to help with forecasting and budgeting was also crucial.

Finally, it was imperative that users’ could access the solution via mobile (Android & iOS).


Pexlify implemented a Sales Cloud solution called ‘SmartHub’ to allow MDL Mercedes-Benz to track leads including their statuses, key mappings for conversions and the ability to keep notes and files centrally.

For MDL Mercedes’ account management, this would involve Pexlify configuring Sales Cloud to allow for a user layout that would provide ease-of-use for the end-user.

The ability to enhance their opportunity management functionality by capturing key information and monitor opportunities using metrics based on existing requirements was of critical importance.

The solution would include requirements for user and roles, mobile accessibility and email integration, as well as Web-to-Lead requirements for the automatic capture of web submissions.

Pexlify also delivered a configured landing page with relevant branding and colours, as well as configured reports and dashboards to complement the areas of focus to allow for accurate management reporting.


MDL Mercedes-Benz launched the new Sales Cloud solution to their Dealer Network and invited Pexlify to present the key aspects of the new ‘SmartHub’ solution. MDL are now actively tracking leads and opportunities and managing the reporting functionality to help with conversions.

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