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Jardine Norton

Jardine Norton helps SME businesses secure their cash flow by providing a service to purchase pending invoices owed to their clients. They have built a streamlined model that allows a client to secure funding on as few or as many invoices as they require. Their fee structure is simplified and their decision time is a fraction of that provided by traditional invoice factoring.

  • Location - Cardiff, Wales
  • UK Employees - 5-20
  • Industry - Financial Services
  • Solutions - Sales Cloud, Community

By building an innovative Community Cloud solution, Pexlify delivered Jardine Norton with an industry-leading client relationship experience.


Build & Implement creative Customer Community Portal.

Jardine Norton required a method to allow new and existing clients to interact with their business in a way that allowed them to focus on their core competencies, whilst providing an industry-leading client experience.

The requirement was for a website that enabled clients to register their details with Jardine Norton, upload details of the help’s debtor, and submit an invoice for their funding facility.

The website had to provide secure login and support features, in addition to the ‘Account’ and ‘Invoice management’ modules.


Pexlify proposed that Jardine Norton uses Salesforce as an internal CRM to manage their client base and day-to-day business processes. This would allow Jardine Norton to exploit the Salesforce Community solution to produce a functional website that would fulfil the requirements as presented. Pexlify also integrated Conga Composer and DocuSign to generate and control the 3rd-party contracts and agreements required for this model.

Clients would be enabled to log into the Jardine Norton Community site. From here, they would be able to edit their own accounts, create and edit their own ‘Debtor Customer Accounts’, associated invoices and more.

This secure and self-service method of allowing clients to register and submit invoices for funding would assist Jardine Norton in growing their business and allocate key resources to their core business functions.


Working closing with Jardine Norton, Pexlify’s unique Sales Cloud and Community Cloud solution benefited Jardine Norton in a number of key areas. These included:

  • Reduction in operational costs - Jardine Norton employed a method that allowed them to reduce the hours and headcount required to manage their clients and invoices.
  • Improved efficiencies - Invoices, as submitted via the Community, were immediately updated and stored in Salesforce and assigned to Underwriting for review. At the point when a team member becomes involved, all the Client, Debtor and Invoice information gathering is complete. Contracts are issued immediately via DocuSign for the fastest possible turnaround.
  • Streamlined performance - Integrations, with Conga Composer and DocuSign, within Salesforce allowed further automation of their business processes. This reduced the need for paperwork and eliminated the associated delays.
  • Reduced support costs - As the relationship progresses, clients can use their Community account to submit further invoices and to view the status of their existing invoices at any time, resulting in lighter support requirements.

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