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IMHO & ICare Housing

The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation(IMHO) is a not-for-profit organisation registered charity whose aim is to facilitate independent mortgage/debt resolution between lenders/creditors and mortgage holders. They also operate I-Care Mortgage to Rent.

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 21-100
  • Industry - Not-For-Profit
  • Solution - Platform Products, Salesforce Org Products, Sales Cloud Products, Service Cloud Product

Unify business information, processing of cases and automation to analyse conversion rates, lighten workloads and process large volumes of cases.


IMHO and iCare Housing needed a single platform that would unify all of their business information - case data, account information and important files and documents.

They required a user-friendly platform that would aid their case handlers, day-to-day, in the processing of cases and in communicating with banks and lenders. They also wanted a system that could offer automation to lighten the workload for case handlers. They also wanted to generate templated communications, containing merged case information, and have these automatically sent to clients and accounts when cases hit specific criteria.

Visibility into their cases’ progress and time spent at each stage of their processes were essential. They wanted to see how much business they were doing with each of their account customers and wanted to analyse conversion rates for accounts in different business scenarios.


Pexlify configured and deployed a Service Cloud solution that focused on Case and Account Management, Automation and Reports and Dashboards.

Configured Lightning pages for Cases, Accounts and Person Accounts to expose IMHO’s information concisely. Created custom objects to hold IMHO’s bespoke data points. Pexlify leveraged Lightning Components to offer beneficial system functionality to end-users.

We also implemented automation processes - workflow rules, process builder, approval processes and custom build - to create efficiencies. We used a combination of email templates and Conga letters to generate templated communications which used merged information from cases. Communications were also automatically sent from the system and attached to the relevant case records.

Finally, we created a suite of reports, which analysed case progress and times at each stage. These reports displayed what types of business they were conducting and with which accounts. We also created reports allowing management to perform complex financial calculations on their data.


The Service cloud implementation was delivered on time and within budget and achieved the project’s objectives.

Eliminated Data Silos - Case handlers are now able to process large volumes of cases without having to search for information in different places and are able to view all relevant documentation which is vital to case progression.

Enhanced Communication - Important client and account communications were handled at the push of a button or automatically and were trusted to be accurate. Behind the scenes, Salesforce was automatically updating records and sending case reminders to case handlers which meant that they didn’t have to remember to perform mundane tasks on case records.

Increased Visibility - Management has a helicopter view of case pipeline health and is able to analyse and improve case process speeds and identify bottlenecks.

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