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CoreHR automates quoting and speeds up renewal processes with CPQ

CoreHR offers fully integrated HR software and has provided some of the world’s leading brands with highly flexible, integrated HR software to streamline HR business processes, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • Location - Cork, Ireland
  • Employees - 250+
  • Industry - High Tech
  • Solution - Salesforce CPQ Solution

Design a solution to optimize their end-to-end quotation process. Goal - take their current method of quoting customers using complex formula via spreadsheets and integrate it seamlessly with their current Salesforce platform.


CoreHR were looking at ways to improve overall productivity while reducing costs. To help optimize their digital business, they required a fully configured Salesforce CPQ to complement the opportunities management and quotation performance.

The goal was to design a solution that would take their current method of quoting customers using complex formulas via spreadsheets and integrate it seamlessly with their current Salesforce platform via opportunity management.

The solution would manage their product offerings and be able to apply additional discounts where licenses were exceeded outside of the standard discount for certain products.

In addition to the standard price books, the implementation of a superuser price book, with associated validation rules and formula fields, was needed to ensure the correct calculations and roll-up amounts based on rounding figures, to ensure accuracy of reported figures.

Finally, it was important to ensure that there was a process in place for managing approvals via the email submission process which was previously handled on a manual basis.


Using Salesforce CPQ managed package, Pexlify configured the solution to allow CoreHR to manage and enhance their current method of quotations via Salesforce.

Pexlify developed the solution to include standard and non-standard price books to allow CoreHR to manage the opportunities for new customers. This implementation also allowed for the orders and renewals from existing customers to be managed via guide selling, based on product configurations and groupings. This was also controlled by validation logic.

In addition to the standard CPQ functionality, Pexlify developed additional calculation logic such as:

  • Total ARR: Prorate ARR dependent on Value in the Field. (Modules Only)
  • Target PPPA: Prorate Price per Person per annum, based on the value in the Field. (Modules Only)
  • Discount %: Discount All (Modules only by Specified percent.)

Pexlify also developed new workflows to streamline CoreHR’s business processes. An example of this includes the implementation of an advanced approval process in line with the current submission of the quotes. This was required to ensure accuracy and accountability for the quotes raised via CPQ.


The solution has dramatically improved efficiencies and timings around quote generation, as well as reduced time spent in various stages in the opportunity life-cycle. The CPQ solution has also had a high level of adoption within CoreHR.

It has assisted in managing the renewal process, as well as enhancing customer expectations and the overall customer experience.

Another key benefit has been a sharp reduction in manual data entry and errors due to improved process automation.

Due to privacy issues, further detailed results can be provided upon request.

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