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CoreHR offers a fully integrated HR software and has provided some of the world’s leading brands with highly flexible, integrated HR software to streamline HR business processes, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • Location - Cork, Ireland
  • Employees - 250
  • Industry - HR Solutions
  • Solution - Custom made Lightning Community

Provide a community-based solution that allowed customers to self-solve their support questions with knowledge articles.


CoreHR was looking for a self-service solution to empower customers to find answers to their questions with a searchable knowledge base. The solution would also notify users of any current issues affecting them on the platform.

The goal was to reduce service cases while increasing customer satisfaction. It was also important to provide customers and partners with a modern and seamless digital experience.

Key objectives:

• Improve the accessibility of knowledge, content and services.

• Empower customers to get answers instantly through a self-directed search or case interception.


The team worked closely with CoreHR to create a Lightning Community Cloud to manage support queries with the look and feel that matched company branding. This included creating screen mockups, wireframes and workflow processes to allow the client to get a better understanding of the proposed solution.

The solution also needed to give their customers intuitive and effortless access to case-resolving information. This involved adding a case deflection component to measure user journeys in the community to prove ROI on the project cost.

This resulted in directing users to leverage knowledge articles instead of raising a case for every query.


The CoreHR Community Cloud solution was deployed as expected to the highest standard required. The configurations and implementation performed by Pexlify matched the requirements as set out by CoreHR in the discovery stage of the project and aligned with the agreed statement of work.

Cost Reduction - Self-service is more cost-effective than other support channels, both in cost per resolution, and reduced the overall caseload on service agents and contact centres.

Improved KPI’s - Increase in case deflection, faster case resolution, and reduced support calls.

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