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ClaimVantage is the leading provider of automated, cloud-based Life, Health and Absence claims management software solutions for insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators and employers around the globe.

  • Location - Dublin & Portland, Maine
  • Employees - 75
  • Industry - Insurance
  • Solution Deployed - Salesforce

Pexlify successfully migrated data, notes & attachments in time for the launch of the new company ‘Absolve’.


Create ‘Custom Scripts’ to migrate accounts between companies.

ClaimVantage contracted Pexlify to undertake an important data migration of 4 accounts and the related data from one customer organisation (Compservices) to a new organisation (Absolve) due to the move over of 4 accounts into the new organisation.

The migration of data needed to be done off business hours on the New Year’s Eve weekend, in order to not have services cut-off for their customers.

Due to a large custom app build within salesforce, the data was contained within over 50 objects and were tightly interconnected.


Under an extremely tight deadline, Pexlify would need to migrate the data, notes and attachments on time for the launch of the new company.

Creation of custom scripts would need to be created in order to migrate attachments and notes for only the 4 accounts from one organisation to the other.

The process would take place in two phases and would need to be implemented during the Christmas holiday period.


Pexlify successfully migrated all the required data, notes and attachments for the go-live of the new company ‘Absolve’ on the 2nd of January 2017. There was zero interference with the client’s usual business service.

Using a combination of third-party tools (SFX) and scripts, Pexlify successfully completed the data and attachment migration in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 - migrated data, notes and attachment for the 4 named accounts during the Christmas break.
  • Phase 2 - migrated data, notes and attachments for the 4 named accounts for any updates or new record creation between Christmas and the 31st of December.

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