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Allianz Care generates new business quotes 50% faster and speeds up new renewal quotes by 60%.

Allianz Care specializes in providing international health insurance for employees, individuals and their dependents, wherever they are in the world. The goal of the project was to replicate the current SQS functionality on the Salesforce Sales Cloud to enable Allianz to perform accurate Sales quotations.


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  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 750
  • Industry - Financial Services
  • Solution - Custom made Classic based application

“Delighted to have found such a great partner in Pexlify Enterprise Solutions…Fantastic team that delivered an outstanding solution in QuoteForce”


Allianz Care’s previous Sales Quotation System (SQS) solution was a bespoke Excel-based system that consisted of custom excel macros and VB Script. SQS has been in use for 10 years by various departments within Allianz Worldwide Care across Europe.

Multiple teams (Sales, Renewals & Actuary) at AWC are involved in creating proposals for new business. All new business opportunities and renewal quotations are manually created in excel sheets. Quotes must then be re-entered into Salesforce, leading to massive inefficiencies and human errors.

Actuary Team had to manually create new products and update existing ones in excel on a yearly basis.

To edit or update quote, agents must enter an excel sheet and edit manually. Quote has to be re-uploaded to Salesforce and updated in multiple locations.

Email is used to track requests and activities.


Developed a complex custom Sales Cloud application to replicate the current SQS functionality to enable Allianz to perform accurate Sales quotations.

On-boarded existing teams to Salesforce and created a workflow solution which provides a more efficient, automated solution that allows for scalability. This involved allowing agents to create business quotations and renewal quotations based on existing data stored in Salesforce.

Automatically generate the Quotation documents that can be sent directly to the requestor and record in Salesforce for future use.

Provide users with an interface to upload Member data to help generate the business quotation without the need to manually create each member record.

Allow users to generate a quote document which includes all of the quote details using Conga, as well as create Templates for documentation on Conga.

Allow Sales and Renewal teams to automatically clone and re-run quotes allowing them to easily make edits.

Actuary Team to create and configure new and existing products in Salesforce, rather than excel.


Pexlify developed a custom-made application that focused on automation. The ‘QuoteForce’ application has brought significant time-saving benefits to Allianz Care and helped to streamline their entire quotation management solution.


  • Increased Efficiencies - 50% faster when generating a new business quote. 60% faster when generating a new renewal quote.
  • Improved Process - Renewal quotations can take up to 2-3 days to create. New quotation platform reduced the process to 30-60 mins for each large member quote.
  • Onboarding - Two new teams have now been on-boarded to the Salesforce Org; Underwriting and Pricing.
  • Increased Collaboration - Work is passing automatically between teams, driving new efficiencies. Files are attached to opportunity records which can be easily shared.
  • Enhanced Productivity - Actuary Team now creating and configuring products in Salesforce, rather than excel.

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