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Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust is an investment and savings business that has been creating wealth for its investors since 1888. Alliance’s products and services include a renowned investment trust (one of the largest in the UK), an innovative range of investment strategies and funds and a multi-award winning investment platform.

  • Location - Dundee, Scotland
  • UK Employees - 200-500
  • Industry - Financial Services
  • Solution Deployed - Apex, Service Cloud

Developed custom application, “Plato”, within Alliance Trust’s Salesforce org to allow onboarding of newly acquired subsidiary business.


Build & Implement Custom Application for new business onboarding.

Alliance Trust had an immediate requirement to integrate Stocktrade, a recently acquired subsidiary of Brewin Dolphin, into their Salesforce org.

Stocktrade’s requirement was for a highly customised solution to manage, record and report on orders and market trades made by their team, on behalf of their clients. The system would need to pass ‘Orders’ to a trading system and to manage all correspondence with individuals with regard to the success or failure of their ‘Orders’.

Pexlify faced a hard deadline, as Alliance Trust was obliged to move all Stocktrade activity from Brewin Dolphin before May 2016. Missing this date would result in a stoppage of business.


Pexlify and Alliance Trust designed a custom system that enabled Stocktrade team members to easily manage their ‘Orders’. Built onto two custom objects to manage individual ‘Orders’ and ‘Bulk Trades’, the system contained safeguards against bad information entering the back-end trading platform and a simple, custom button interface to control data entry.

Stocktrade team members were assumed to have no Salesforce experience, so ease of use on day one was paramount.

Pexlify’s design ensured that the data definition was easily compatible with Alliance Trust’s data warehouse and that all communications on a trade could be handled by a simple button click.


Pexlify’s custom application ‘Plato’ provided Alliance Trust with the following benefits:

Synergies - Pexlify built a solution that streamlined the interactions between Stocktrade users and the Salesforce org. All progression on a Trade is controlled by custom buttons that executed Apex code to build the trade records.

Enforcement - Trades were rolled up into ‘Bulk Orders’ for execution in the markets at the client’s desired price.

Mail Merge - Once the outcome of the ‘Order’ is known for the clients, a custom mail merge implementation is used to generate letters for clients informing them of the outcome, and if necessary, informing purchasers of their stock certificates.

Delivery - The work done by Pexlify enabled Alliance Trust to have a smooth transition in their Stocktrade acquisition.

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