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AA successfully launches its Sales Cloud CRM platform globally with Customer 360 view.

AA is one of Ireland’s leading consumer services businesses – providing emergency rescue for people in their homes and on the road, as well as providing insurance for over 200,000 Irish customers and breakdown cover for 300,000. AA was undertaking a major initiative to migrate all their existing life policies from a third-party vendor's CRM platform to their own Salesforce CRM platform. 

  • Location - Dublin, Ireland
  • Employees - 500+
  • Industry - Automotive
  • Solution - Salesforce Sales Cloud, Lightning Migration

“From the outset, Pexlify were highly engaged to meet our needs in order to deliver the project in a quick and efficient manner. Their staff were a pleasure to work with and their expert knowledge allowed for a stress-free experience”.

Anthony Strickland

Product Executive, AA Ireland


AA was undertaking a major initiative to migrate all their existing life policies from a third-party vendor's CRM platform to their own Salesforce CRM platform. 

As a result, the primary challenge was migrating all policy data, personal accounts and their associated notes & attachments from the legacy CRM platform to the new Org. A further challenge to consider was to ensure that only AA data was migrated and none of the third-party vendor's data.

All relevant data points from individual records needed to be captured, whilst also removing redundant data points. It was critical to establish that only relevant, correct & sufficient information was being retained.

Besides transforming data from each individual source, the client also needed assistance in importing and migrating all 75,000 email and file attachments to their correct corresponding accounts.

As the documentation is potentially sensitive, encrypting files on export was essential, making them only identifiable by an ID. When migrating customer documentation, it is critical to ensure that they are associated with the correct records. In turn, this meant that successful data manipulation was needed to make the connection between customer records and documentation in the target environment, by using only the document ID.


Pexlify conducted an assessment to consolidate and profile each of the data objects and attachments across the CRM's platform. Based on the results of the assessment, Pexlify built a custom ETL process to extract legacy data, enrich it, and transform it to fit standard and custom objects in the target CRM platform.

By leveraging information held on the records in the source Org, Pexlify were able to highlight and separate the data. We were then able to manipulate and migrate only the relevant data, leaving all other information intact in the source environment.

AA’s new Salesforce environment was configured to facilitate the customer data, allowing for easy access and comparison of records, without the need to filter unnecessary third-party data. This will allow for a more streamlined view of customer information, allowing for greater customer satisfaction due to more efficient internal processes.

To securely migrate sensitive customer data, documentation was encrypted and extracted. By analysing the recently migrated data, it was possible to determine which records in the new CRM related to which encrypted documentation.

To minimise risk, a small sample of documents were randomly selected to be imported into the target CRM. This allowed us to check that the relationship between the records and documentation was created correctly. After a successful test import, the full migration of documentation was actioned. Further checks were actioned in the target database, to ensure documentation was linked correctly.

Throughout the whole process, multiple meetings and discussions with all parties were held. This allowed stakeholders to be fully aware of which data points were migrated, which data points were left as is and which attachments and documentation were migrated. Alongside this, training was provided in the form of walkthroughs, to ensure that the team at AA were aware of how to access the data and were happy with the general feel of the newly implemented system.

As a result, the Client was able to launch their own Sales Cloud CRM platform globally with all their data and attachments migrated, enabling them to resume business as usual immediately.


360 Customer View

Having transformed and successfully migrated their data from their legacy CRM platform, all agents now have a single, shared view of your customer data and policy information, in turn speeding up internal processes. 

Full Privacy

Through the removal and migration of all AA Ireland data from the third-party CRM platform to its own private Salesforce org, the company was able to regain control and ownership over its SaaS data. 

User Experience (UX) Enhancement

User Interface with a modern and refreshed design with easier-to-read text, icons, and graphics. Provides AA Ireland representatives with the ability to pull up client's policy data in a clear, dynamic format, allowing them to focus on the most important tasks first.

Higher Security

Salesforce Lightning offers a higher level of security. Lightning Locker Service, for example, allows components to communicate with each other by separating them. This helps protect the platform from malicious data. A feature, which is not provided in Classic mode.

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