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Working from Home - How Pexlify is excelling at working from home

  • elizabeth_keenan

The past few months have been difficult for some. Working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be distracting, tiring and even make workers feel lonely or excluded. 

Of course, there has been no other option for the past few months due to Covid-19. Today, we’re sharing some useful information and tips on how the Pexlify team have been surviving while working from home but also excelling and keeping up with office banter.

To start, here are some best tips for employees working from home: 

  • Have a separate office space away from main living areas

Of course, if you are not used to working from home you might not have a designated office or office area. If possible, it’s best to create an area where you can set yourself up to work that is away from the main living areas. This will help you separate work from lifestyle and allow you to ‘switch off’ when leaving your office. You will also be kept away from home distractions and get a sense of coming ‘to and from the office’. If you don’t have a space for an office try setting a desk up in a spare room, dining room or shed/log cabin if you have one. 

  • Schedule your day out, maintain regular hours, stick to a routine and give yourself deadlines. 

It’s important to get into a routine from your home office. This will help you get work done and switch off in the evenings. Having a morning and evening routine when starting and finishing work can help you layout your day and stay focused. Scheduling your day out in advance and giving yourself deadlines can help you push yourself to complete work and stay organised. 

  • Schedule coffee breaks into your day. 

If you’re someone who usually likes to get coffee and chat with some colleagues for a couple of minutes, why not schedule this into your day? You’d be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel after a 5-minute break with a work colleague to help you get back into some work. 

  • Leave your office space for lunch and coffee breaks. 

By having your office space away from your kitchen you will feel like you are getting out of the office on your lunch break.

  • Take a short brisk walk on your lunch and/or before starting work.

Taking a short 5-15 minute walk during your day can really help you feel less trapped in your house and feel refreshed for the rest of your day at work. 

  • Create Ground Rules for others in your house/space

It can be difficult working from home when you live with others, some may be working from home as well, some may not. It’s important for you to set some ground rules for others so you can all get work done without distractions. 

  • Figure out your high productivity hours

It’s important when working from home to figure out the time of day in which you are most productive. Everyone has different times they excel and can accomplish more. Once you figure this out you can schedule your day better. Some hard and difficult tasks? Schedule them for your productive hours to get these tasks done quicker and more efficiently. 

  • Turn your camera on during video meetings 

Turning your camera on during calls can not only help you feel more present but also help you feel like you are getting more involved and push you to get up dressed in the mornings.

What Employers can do to help with Working from home. 

  • Weekly or daily meetings

It’s important for businesses to keep in contact with their employees and keep them up to date with what is going on in the company, especially during a time like this. Pexlify has been having weekly company-wide meetings to keep our employees up-to-date with what is going on and how different departments are getting on. 

  • Have managers check in on employees

It’s hard to know when employees are having a hard time working from home when you are not with them daily. It’s important to check up on members of your team and make sure they are not overwhelmed and have everything they need. 

  • Schedule virtual social events

Virtual social events are very important to help employees blow off steam and socialise. If you’re an office that usually has regular company outings and events, it will certainly help the office culture!

  • Encourage office fun and socialising on group channels 

Pexlify is not only sharing fun quizzes and talking points on our slack channel, but we’ve started fun weekly activities like ‘guess the office space’ where employees send in photos of their office set-up and others try to guess who it belongs to. Of course, in larger companies, this is not easy but can be done within teams.

We hope you enjoyed this post and it helps with anyone who may be struggling working from home. 

If you have any tips to share, please feel free to share them with us!

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