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Women in Tech | International Women’s Day

  • elizabeth_keenan

The working world has been and still is changing rapidly - this applies to every sector and industry. It is fairly common knowledge that the tech industry, for a long time, was comprised mostly of male employees. While still only 6.4% of CEO’s are women, it’s clear that things are changing. So, the idea of ‘no women in tech’ is not the case anymore and that's a great thing!

Women in tech are ‘Killing it’ and we want to highlight some of those inspirational women in this post!

Since today is International Women's Day, we want to highlight some women in the Salesforce eco-system and Tech industry who are not only ‘Killing it’ but leading the way for others to excel!

Below is a list of women who are making waves:

Cathy Engelbert - CEO at Deloitte and American Business Executive

(image source: Fortune)

Cathy Engelbert is making waves in Deloitte, being the first ever female CEO at Deloitte and putting a lot of focus on accelerating woman. It is no surprise that of their workforce of 85,000, 43% are women. Cathy is also chair of the Center for Audit Quality Governing Board and has been voted one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women for 4 years running. Under her time as CEO, Deloitte has made bets on technologies that have paid off big time, like, Robotics and Cloud-based tech.

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Anne O'Leary - CEO at Vodafone and Chairperson of Goal Ireland, and President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce

(Picture by David Conachy source -

Anne was appointed CEO in 2013 and is invested in improving telecommunications in Ireland. Her commitment to excellence is what resulted in Vodafone’s rollout of 4G nationwide!  Anne started working in the tech industry straight out of college, getting her first employment at Nixdorf. From there she went on to work in many tech companies until joining the Vodafone group just under 11 years ago and taking her place as CEO 6 years ago. Anne is a big supporter and advocate of women in technology, as well as engineering, science and mathematics (STEM). Under her watch, Vodafone now has over 63% woman at an executive level and 47% at management level.

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Ginni Rometty - Chair, President, and CEO of IBM

(image source: IBM)

Ginni has been working in IBM since the late 1970s and has worked her way up the ladder. In 2012, she became the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world and is a prime example that hard work pays off, and you don't have to be a man to get to the top. With over 366,600 employees, operating in over 170 countries and with an estimated worth of about 170.90 Billion, IBM is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Within the top 10 in tech, they sit alongside the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple. It’s great to see a woman CEO excelling in such a high-level company!


Jennifer Lee - Salesforce Blogger & Lead Solution Designer at John Hancock

(image source:

Well known for her Salesforce Blog, Jennifer is now a regular presenter at Dreamforce and a leader in Trailhead. From Boston, she is a 3x Salesforce MVP and 3x salesforce certified (Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator and Platform App Builder). She has presented at other Salesforce and community events and is a co-host of a Salesforce web series called Automation Hour. A 5x Ranger on Trailhead, we couldn't be more impressed with her passion for Salesforce.

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Sara Morgan - Technical Curriculum Engineer at Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce Blogger and Salesforce Course Creator

(image source:

Sara is known for her Salesforce blog Sara Has No Limits and had previously worked as a Salesforce consultant and online course creator. After several successful courses on LinkedIn, Salesforce hired her to work on Trailhead. A regular speaker at TrailheadDx and Dreamforce, Sara also holds a Salesforce Advanced Developer Certification.

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That's all for now. It is great to see so many women excelling in the tech industry today and we are sure women we will continue to grow and exceed expectations!

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