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Winter ‘23 Release Timeline and Information

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Although we might still be in the midst of summer, Winter ‘23 is fast approaching, and it’s time to start prepping! You’ll want to sign up for the pre-release org and test out everything in your sandbox before winter ‘23 goes live! 


  • August 11 - Pre-Release Org
  • August 17 - Release Notes available
  • August 27 - Winter '23 Sandbox Preview
  • September 10th - Release Weekend 1
  • October 8th - Release Weekend 2
  • October 15th - Release Weekend 3


  • Read the Release Notes (available here when released) -> filter the release notes to find specific updates
  • Blog posts from trailblazers regarding releases are available here
  • Take a look at this post to see how to refresh your sandbox
  • Check the date releases coming out for your instance (click here to check)
  • Join this Trailblazer Group to get the latest on all things release readiness and get involved with the #Winter23Treasure
  • Do the Release Readiness Trailmix and the Winter ‘23 Trailhead (when available)
  • Before the release date, test your main Use Cases to ensure everything will continue to work correctly
  • Need more tips? Check out this post of ours

Confirmed Scheduled updates:

Enable Enhanced Domains (Release Update) [Release notes here]

This update is being enforced to comply with the latest browser and security standards, it also complies with the latest browser requirements, which means users can access Salesforce while using browsers that block third-party cookies. With enhanced domains, your company-specific My Domain name is included in your URLs, including Salesforce Sites and Experience Cloud sites.  

It is recommended that you enable enhanced domains before this update is enforced as it affects application URLs (Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, and Visualforce pages)

First made available in Summer ’21 and was scheduled to be enforced in Winter ’23, but the enforcement date has been postponed to Spring ’23 for production orgs. For sandboxes and non-production orgs, the enforcement date is still Winter ’23 (unless you enable a new org-level setting).

Enable Permission Set Expiration and Enhanced UI (Release Update) [Release notes here]

You can assign an expiration date to each permission set or permission set group with this update enabled. Using a new Lightning Experience interface permission set and permission set groups have an improved workflow - with or without an expiration date.

First available in Summer ’22

Enable Stronger Protection for Your Users’ Personal Information (Release Update) [Release Notes here]

With Enhanced Personal Information Management enabled, you can prevent access for external users (community users or users accessing from personal accounts). This feature, which replaces the ‘Hide Personal Information’ setting, secures more personal identifiable information (PII) user record fields. You can also decide which custom and standard user fields are considered PII.

First available in Spring ’22

Remove Guest User Assignments from Permission Sets Associated with Permission Set Licenses with Restricted Object Permissions (Release Update) [Release Notes here]

Guest user assignments from permission sets and permission set groups associated with permission set licenses that contain View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete standard object permissions will no longer have guest user assignments. This is to help improve data security. Guest users will still have permission to ‘read and create’. 

First available in Spring ’22.

Enable Visualforce JavaScript Remoting Enforcement (Release Update) [Release Notes here]

The Visualforce Remoting API uses JavaScript to directly call methods in Apex controllers from Visualforce pages. To ensure that the API is properly secured calls now have stricter validation. 

First available in Summer ’22 and is enforced in Winter ’23.

Validate Getter and Setter Access Modifier Enforcement During Visualforce Expression Language Parsing (Release Update) [Release Notes here]

This update validates the Apex get or set method access modifier to improve security. When accessing Apex getter or setter methods defined by custom controllers, the Visualforce Expression Language incorrectly validates the access modifiers of the methods. Developers can sometimes access unauthorized get or set methods on Apex classes.

First available in Summer ’22 and is enforced in Winter ’23.

Migrate from Maintenance Plan Frequency Fields to Maintenance Work Rules (Release Update) [Release Notes here]

The Frequency and Frequency Type fields on the Maintenance Plan begin their phased retirement in Summer‘22. To prepare for this retirement and take advantage of updated features, migrate your Frequency and Frequency Type data to Maintenance Work Rules. 

First made available in Summer ’22

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