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The Perspective Podcast - Financial Service Trends & Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

  • colm_barry


We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast "The Perspective".

In ‘The Perspective’ podcast, we'll be chatting with leaders and professionals in the Salesforce Eco-System, as well as the wider business and technology world. We'll discuss topics around current trends in their industries, what the future may hold for technology moving forward, the impact of digital transformation and what makes them, as individuals, tick. We will be uncovering tangible business insights, investigating how to drive digital change, discussing how to optimise business processes and much more.

In our first episode, Colm Barry chats with Lee Clark, UK Sales Director at Pexlify Enterprise Solutions. 

Lee specialises in Financial Services and offers his insights on current trends within the sector, the impact of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud on the market, and touches on what excites him about the future of the industry.

We chat about:

  • Trends post-Covid and Digital Transformation in Financial Services

  • What is Financial Services Cloud and how it can be used.

  • Community Cloud and Partner Portals for Brokers & Customers

  • Salesforce Shield for Encryption

  • First Steps for implementation of Salesforce. What should a business do on Day 1?

  • Digital automation and what is coming down the line in the industry

You can also listen to our new podcast on BuzzsproutSpotify and Stitcher, as well as listen directly above.

You can also watch a recording of the podcast on our YouTube channel...don't forget to subscribe and like!

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