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The Perspective Podcast ep_4 - The Benefits of a CLM solution (Howard Wassall, Conga)

  • colm_barry

In our latest episode of the Perspective Podcast, Colm is joined by Howard Wassall, Director of Sales Engineering at Conga, where they discuss all-things Contract Lifecycle Management. Conga CLM empowers businesses to tackle and manage contracting processes with ease and allows you to set up clause libraries and quickly create strong, standardized contracts. Plus, templates offer professional contracts with a single click.  

In this episode, Howard gives his expert insights on some of the key trends he is seeing in the market. We'll also discuss some of the core capabilities and the role of automation within a CLM solution, how customers can plan for success, as well as get a vision of what the future may hold for CLM.

You can also view a recording of our conversation on YouTube below:

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We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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