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The Perspective Podcast ep_3 - Customer Success & the Outcomes Era (Jonathan Corrie, CEO Precursive)

  • colm_barry

In this episode of the Perspective Podcast, Colm chats with Jonathan Corrie, CEO of Precursive. Precursive is the all-in-one customer onboarding, resource management, and Professional Services Automation tool built natively on the Salesforce Platform.

Colm and Jonathan have a great chat about Customer Success, what Jonathan is currently seeing in the market and how CS has evolved over the years.

They also touch on how customer onboarding is impacting customer success and learn why Fintechs are embracing it with open arms.

Jonathan also talks about the 'Outcomes Era'. He delves into some of the key trends that he is seeing, as companies endeavour to deliver more value to customers at scale.

You can also view a recording of our conversation on YouTube below:

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We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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