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The New Norm: Managing your Signature Customer Service from home

  • elizabeth_keenan

With everything going on in the world right now, there is more and more talk about how to support your customers and provide them with the same level of customer service when you and your support agents are forced to work remotely. 

It is no secret that customer experience has become one of the top priorities for most of today’s businesses. Luckily, we are in the age of SaaS and cloud-based systems, meaning information can be accessed from anywhere and seamlessly integrated. It’s never been easier to keep in contact with your customers across a series of platforms (omni-channel). 

Preparing for the Unexpected: Top 5 Priorities to maintain a quality customer experience.

Right now customer service is more important than ever. Remember, poor customer service from your company only gives business to your competitors. Here are 5 priorities that companies can focus on that will help their support team deliver the experience customers of today are demanding: 

Identifying your customer experience.

If you are not sure what your signature customer experience is, now is the time to find out. Look at what your competitors are doing well and try and replicate or better, improve on it. (Learn more about this in our ebook) 

Utilising the right technology platform - A CRM solution with a 360-degree view. 

With the right technology and a full view of your customers from anywhere, it is possible to maintain quality standards and continue to support your customers as you always have. 

Self-Service & Community Portals.

During this period, self-service and community portals will not only help relieve pressure for your support agents but reassure your customers that they can get answers quickly or make updates or edits to their orders, etc. 

Aiming to use AI & Chatbots to identify and fix cases.

Now more than ever you want to resolve as many issues and problems as quickly as possible! You should be aiming to find and fix issues before your customers' experience issues. With Chatbots, you can also free up agents time with automated answers to common questions or queries. 

Reassurance - You are always there to help!

It’s always nice to reassure your customers at times of crisis. For different businesses and markets, this might be reassuring customers that it’s business as usual, or just simply being available online with support when they need you most. Plus, you want to show your customers you care, encouraging them to stay safe during these uncertain times. 

For more information about Customer Service and defining your Signature Customer Experience, download our Customer Service Ebook below: 


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