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Sustain & Maintain your Salesforce Solution: 5 Key Advantages of Managed Support Services

  • colm_barry

Making wise resource allocation decisions is more important than ever.

As businesses navigate the difficulties of the current economic climate, continuing to optimise and maintain your current Salesforce Org can be crucial, especially in situations where budget restrictions on future investments are in place.

Making the most of a company's Salesforce Org and all its features can help save time, money, and frustration. By using managed support services, businesses can sustain and maintain their Salesforce implementation over time while also keeping it aligned with their evolving needs and goals.

Key Advantage 1: Cost-Effective

One of the biggest benefits of managed support is its cost-effectiveness. Rather than starting a new Salesforce project from scratch, which can be costly and time-consuming, businesses can save money in the long run by engaging in an ongoing Managed Support contract. This enables flexibility in how time and resources are allotted to accomplish those important goals and objectives. Businesses can use the saved time and resources to focus on other priorities.

Key Advantage 2: Augment your team with Experts

In addition to cost savings, businesses can also benefit from the expertise of the managed support team. By augmenting their in-house teams with expert resources, businesses can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help them get the most out of their current Salesforce implementation. This can include guidance on best practices, insights into the latest features and capabilities, and help with customisations and integrations.

Key Advantage 3: Keep Salesforce Up-To-Date

Another benefit is that managed support services can help a business stay up-to-date with the latest Salesforce features and functionality. With 3 major updates a year, Salesforce is constantly evolving, and a managed support team will be able to ensure that a business is always using the latest version and taking advantage of new capabilities. 

Software must be developed in tandem with a company's growth and evolution. Managed support services can provide minor enhancements and customisations to ensure that the software continues to meet the business's unique requirements. This can help a business stay competitive and improve the overall user experience.

Key Advantage 4: Maintenance, Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Of course, ongoing maintenance is also important for keeping your platform running smoothly. Managed support can provide bug fixes, security patches, and performance optimisations to ensure that the system remains reliable and efficient. By doing this, businesses can prevent disruptions and guarantee that the platform is always operating at its optimal level.

In addition to keeping the software up-to-date, support teams can also help businesses streamline their processes. By automating routine tasks and simplifying workflows, businesses can reduce the time and effort needed to get work done, freeing up more time and resources for other strategic initiatives.

Key Advantage 5: Peace of Mind

By keeping the Salesforce platform up and running reliably and without interruption, managed support services can also offer peace of mind. This can include support around the clock and proactive monitoring to find and fix potential problems before they become problems and cause downtime.

With a dedicated team of experts managing and supporting their Salesforce implementation, businesses can have confidence that their software is in good hands.

In Summary

Managed support services offer a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable way for businesses to keep their Salesforce solution optimised over time. By providing ongoing support, minor enhancements, and customizations, these services can help businesses keep their software up-to-date and aligned with their evolving needs.

With your solution well-maintained throughout the prior period, making a new investment in the platform at the appropriate time will be a breeze.

For more information on how our managed support services may help your company, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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