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Summer ‘23 Release

  • elizabeth_keenan

With the sun out and the rain tapering off, it's safe to assume that summer is on its way. This coming weekend marks the beginning of the Summer '23 release, so we thought it would be a good time to go over the essentials and highlight changes. 


  • April 20th    - Pre-Release Org registration
  • April 26th    - Release Notes Available
  • May 5th      - Sandbox Preview Starts
  • May 5th      - Release site available
  • May 6th      - Release Weekend 1
  • May 9th      - Release Overview deck available
  • May 15th    - Trailhead Module available
  • May 19-26 - Release Readiness Live
  • June 3rd    - Release Weekend 2
  • June 10th  - Release Weekend 3


  • Read the Release Notes (available here) -> filter the release notes to find specific updates.
  • Blog posts from trailblazers regarding releases are available here.
  • Take a look at this post to see how to refresh your sandbox. 
  • Check the date releases coming out for your instance (click here to check). 
  • Join this Trailblazer Group to get the latest on all things release readiness and get involved with #Summer23Treasure. 
  • Do the Release Readiness Trailmix and the Summer ‘23 Trailhead (when available). 
  • Before the release date, test your main Use Cases to ensure everything will continue to work correctly. 
  • Need more tips? Check out this post of ours.


1. Enhance Your Visualizations with Images, Rich Text, and Dashboard Widgets [Release Notes here]

Applies to: Lightning Experience in Unlimited Edition.

Describe Lightning dashboard charts, metrics and KPIs, and tables with rich text where people need it. Include corporate logos and branding, as well as flow diagrams and integrated photos. 

Dashboards may now include up to 25 widgets, including up to 20 charts and tables, 2 pictures, and 25 rich text widgets. The previous total limit was 20.

2. Optimise Your App Pages with the Accordion and Tabs Components [Release notes here]

Applies to: Lightning Experience in Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

The Accordion and Tabs components, which are now available on app pages, can help you organise and improve the effectiveness of your Lightning pages. The Accordion and Tabs components are container components that you can utilise to organise your pages and boost page speed.The labels of each tab and accordion part may be changed to whatever you desire.

More updates to the Lighting App Builder here.

3. Boost Productivity with Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta) [Release notes here]

Applies to: Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Decluttering the activities in the highlights panel and providing fast actions right on related lists can save your users time. Without leaving the page, your users may create associated records for items in the list. Alternatively, they can select up to 100 records from the related list and perform mass updates rather than single record updates.

4. Quickly Create Full Sandboxes [Release notes here]

Applies to: new full sandbox requests for production orgs on eligible Hyperforce instances.

The Quick Create technology accelerates the creation and refresh of Full sandboxes. Teams may spend less time waiting for sandboxes and more time developing and testing solutions.

5. Maximise Your Productivity with Calendar Enhancements [Release notes here

Applies to: Lightning Experience in all editions.

With up to 500 events in your calendar view, you can get a better sense of your schedule. Featuring larger event text and overlapping tiles, you can easily scan your forthcoming meetings. Also, to avoid accidental event expansion, click once to preview and again to open.

  • See up to 500 events in the Calendar view.
  • Enable events for up to 50 shared calendars and resources.
  • Drag events to reschedule in 15-minute increments.
  • Click an event to preview. Click again to open the event record page. Previously, you hovered to preview.
  • To navigate to the day view, click a date in the month or week view.
  • The browser’s Back and Forward buttons move within the Calendar.
  • Calendar views show overlapping event tiles, expanded text, and shaded colouring for dates in the past.

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