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Summer ‘21 Release

  • elizabeth_keenan

Although Spring ‘21 release seems like just a short time ago, we’re all very excited to hear that Summer ‘21 release is just around the corner! It’s important to take this time now, pre-release to check all your use cases to make sure they’re all running smoothly. 

Check Salesforce Trust and see when your instance will be updated - click on your instance name and hit “Maintenances”. You can find your instance name by heading to your company information in setup or checking the URL of your salesforce. 

Today, we wanted to share with you a few of the key dates available so far. We’ll come back and update this as new dates and information are released over the coming weeks.

Highlights & Key dates: 

  • 20th of April - Release Notes available 
  • 7th of May - first Sandbox Preview / Summer '21 Trailhead Module available 
  • 11th of May - Release Overview Deck & Feature Metrix available
  • 14th of May - Production upgrades begin
  • 21st-28th of May - Release Readiness Live
  • 5th of June - Release Weekend 1
  • 12th of June - Release Weekend 2

Important Things to Note 

Sandbox preview - This is very important as your sandbox will be updated and will be your first opportunity to test your system in Summer ‘21. You can also sign up for the pre-release Org, however, this will not have your configurations and will be an early option to test out Summer ‘21. 

Your Sandbox update will depend on whether you have a “Preview” instance or “Non-Preview Instance”. 


As always here are our top tips for new Salesforce releases. 

  • Read the Release Note Changes and filter the release notes to find specific updates. 

  • Do the Release Readiness Trailmix and the Summer ‘21 Trailhead 

  • Check here for blog posts from trailblazers regarding releases (more on summer ‘21 will be added over the next while)

  • Check here to see what date releases are coming out for your instance.

  • Join this Trailblazer Group to get the latest on all things release readiness and get involved with the #Summer21Treasure

  • Take a look at this post to see how to refresh your sandbox

  • Test all your main Use Cases before the release date to ensure everything will continue to work correctly. 

  • For more tips, check out this post of ours.

Are you all prepared for the Summer ‘21 Release? Let us know on social @Pexlify

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