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Should You Migrate to Salesforce Lightning?

  • elizabeth_keenan

If you are not sure what Salesforce Lightning is, take a look at our recent blog post - ‘What is Salesforce Lightning?’ - where we break down the new Lightning Experience in greater detail.

In this post, we are going to discuss why you should definitely migrate to Salesforce Lightning and how companies can solve problems in a smarter way and utilize their time more efficiently.

First Things First - No More Updates Coming To Classic

This first point is pretty self-explanatory. With the announcement of the Winter 19 update, salesforce has only included updates for Lightning and will no longer be updating the Classic interface. Although this might come as a disappointment to some users and admins, it is was only a matter of time.

Salesforce Classic has been becoming less and less popular since the release of Lightning, and with good reason. Lightning has a modern UI with mobile connectivity, as well as Lightning Ready Apps & Components. This is where Salesforce Classic loses ground rapidly. With Salesforce now focusing solely on Lightning, they are gradually phasing out development, functionality, and support for Classic.

Do you use Outlook in your company? If you are using Classic and have not integrated Outlook yet, then you may lose the chance to all together. After the Winter 19’ update, it will no longer be possible to integrate Outlook with Classic. The only opportunity to use Outlook in Salesforce is by using the Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync options. Also, they will not be supporting Email Studio in Classic come January 2019.

And for anything that has been left behind in classic? Well, it was meant to be left there. As Salesforce put it - “You Have Buttons? We Have Alternatives” .

Productive & Enjoyable User Experience with a Modern UI

Migrating to Lightning provides you with an amazing opportunity to improve and streamline your business processes.

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to enjoy their work more? The ability to multi-task and automate processes where it wasn't possible before or give them the tools they need to be more productive and save time?

With up to 25 tabs, 3-column layouts, Paths, Components and more, your employees will not only enjoy the experience but improve performance as well.

There are literally hundreds of ways to increase your productivity in Salesforce Lightning. From multi-tab abilities to Kanban view (see below), the possibilities are endless. It doesn't stop there, in our last post we spoke about a large study done on lightning experience. The report showed that Salesforce has consistently proven that migrating to lightning can:

increase productivity by 41%, win rates by 21%, and the conversion rate by a whopping 44%.

With the new UI, your employees won’t feel left behind when Lightning is being updated and Classic is not. They will work more efficiently and be a lot happier.

Mobile Connectivity and Cross-Platform Uniformity

One unified User Interface and same experience across all platforms and devices. If your employees use the Salesforce1 app but still using classic on their desktop, they are constantly seeing different UI’s. This makes employees prone to errors and mistakes, as well as causing regular confusion.

Why not give them a consolidated view and set of tools across all devices? By making their lives easier, you'll not only improve the overall functionality of the system, as users can input, edit and manage data with the same look and feel across all devices, but you will also improve their overall productivity.

Prolonging Only Increases Difficulty Of Inevitable Transition

As with anything to do with change, the longer you leave it the harder the transition will be.

There has never been more reason to switch to lightning than there is now. With no more future updates for Classic, it will continue to fall further and further behind Lightning, until Salesforce eventually deactivates it all together.

Although Salesforce has not officially said Classic as a whole, is being disabled, it's important to remember nothing lasts forever. If your IT team is still developing in Classic, this may be unintentionally causing you more harm in the long term.

As a result, new pages and components may also need to be migrated or completely recreated to use in Lightning, thus leaving you with a lot of technical debt.

Kanban View

Perhaps to your surprise, Kanban originates from a process used in grocery shops in Japan over 50 years ago. Toyota could see that Kanban showed significant efficiencies when used for inventory management and adapted it for their factory floors.

They soon realised it provided a perfect set-up for teams that wanted continuous turnover, as they could align their massive inventory levels with the actual consumption of materials and deliver products on time.

Teams, in any sector or department, can experience Shortened Cycle Times, Fewer Bottlenecks, and avail of Visual Metrics with Kanban. It is particularly useful for sales teams, allowing them to work smarter and see their leads and opportunities in a more effective way. When sales reps use Kanban view, they can easily see what opportunities are at the most important stages and utilise their time effectively.

You can also use drag and drop features to move potential customers from different stages of the sales process. Originally started with ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘Done’, Kanban can be adapted to include any stages in a sales process which can be unique to a business.

Important Features To Help Your Company

  1. Lightning Ready Apps - AppExchange - With thousands of ready-made apps to choose from, these third-party Lightning ready apps can improve processes and operations immediately.

  2. Lightning App Builder -   With drag and drop Lightning Components, you don't have to be a developer or coder to build mobile and desktop apps. There are three types of components in Lightning Builder: Pre-built components from Salesforce, components from Lightning Exchange built by partners, and custom components.

  3. Field Service Lightning - One Solution that is particularly impressive and available on the lightning platform is 'Field Service Lightning'. This a perfect solution for companies who have employees working on-site with customers. Keep track of stock and vehicles so employees can be prepared when on-site. Employees can also scan products and barcodes with their phones. Field Service Lightning allows your employees to easily capture customers signatures and return reports quickly and efficiently with only a few clicks.

  4. New Lightning Report Builder - Only available in Lightning, the new Lightning report builder is superior to the Classic report builder in many ways. Besides the fact that there are fewer limitations, it is intuitive and very powerful. Group, filter, and summarize records to answer business questions like “How much revenue did we generate in the South East last quarter?”, “Which lead source is generating the most closed opportunities?”, and “What is the average age of all open cases?”.

As you can see you from the infographic above, there are millions of reasons to make the switch to Salesforce Lightning today.

If you are considering making the transition, please feel free reach out and contact the team or download our brochure here or call us on +353 1 515 7251 to learn more about our services.

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