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Say Hello to our New Website

  • elizabeth_keenan

The Pexlify team are so excited to announce our new revamped website. The goal of the new design is to make our website more informative, interactive and user-friendly.

We have tried to implement a fresh, modern look and feel while trying to remain loyal to our values of professionalism and expertise.

We have introduced changes to our navigation and layout on both desktop and mobile, among many others visual adjustments. Now you can browse the site quickly and find relevant information quickly and easily.

We also wanted to enhance our blog page and bring more examples of our work with our customers through educational case studies.

What's new or changed?


As we specialise in multi-cloud Salesforce solutions, we wanted to highlight our various options with a clean and clear page and menu system, complete with all the new and relevant information. We’ve also attached case studies to coincide with each solution, so you can learn more about our skills and experience.

We’ve also updated the structure of our content and added some recent case studies. You can check out some of the work we have done with our clients and review how we’ve helped them succeed with our completed projects.

Graphics? Our logo is, of course, the same but we have added more aesthetically pleasing touches with triangle graphics and content to bring not only new information but also enhance the overall experience on our website.

We have also updated the new ‘look and feel’ across all our social media channels - Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook - to have a new unified look (just like salesforce lightning!) across all platforms. If you haven’t followed us yet online, please do and remember….feel free to like, share and retweet.

We hope you like the new website and would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to drop us a line at any time and let us know your thoughts.

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