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Salesforce’s AI Cloud: A Paradigm Shift for Sales Cloud

  • colm_barry

In a world increasingly dominated by AI, Salesforce is making some major moves. 

Just this week, Marc Benioff hosted an event called Salesforce AI Day, where Salesforce AI Cloud, an ambitious offering that centralises all of Salesforce's AI-powered products into a single, accessible platform, was unveiled to the public for the first time. 

The suite will include high-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) products from the Einstein service to workplace-messaging app Slack and data analysis software Tableau, and comes with an impressive array of natural language tools that are set to roll out throughout 2023. 

This includes tools like Sales GPT for auto-crafted personalised emails (more on this below), Service GPT for service messages, chatbots and case summaries, and Marketing GPT for enhanced audience targeting and messaging. Plus, AI Cloud is designed to host large language models from other providers like AWS, Anthropic, and Cohere.

They have also recently doubled down on their investment in AI startups, adding $500 million to their venture capital fund, so they're not playing around.

In Part One of this multi-part series focusing on EinsteinGPT, we going to deep dive into how Sales Cloud will be impacted by AI and EinsteinGPT.

Trust and Security: Einstein Trust Layer.

One thing is very clear, from the outset, Salesforce has placed a big priority on Trust, Security and Privacy. Salesforce considers "trust" to be one of its most important core values, so they have included a powerful governance layer (Einstein Trust Layer) in its AI Cloud offering. This goal; ease the minds of those who worry about the privacy of their data when working with AI. This Trust Layer keeps the AI Cloud flexible and open, letting users assign large language models to specific jobs without compromising data privacy, security, or compliance standards.

The Impact and Use Cases of Salesforce's EinsteinGPT for Sales Cloud

Do you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day? Does it seem like closing deals and keeping things moving is a constant struggle for you or your sales team? Imagine having a secret weapon—one that lives right inside your Salesforce CRM. 

Of course, I'm talking about Salesforce's EinsteinGPT for Sales Cloud. This isn't just some fancy AI tool; it's your personal assistant for closing deals faster by doing all those tedious sales tasks for you and more. Using prompts, you can know exactly who your top contacts are and where your best sales options lie. Just ask it a question and watch it serve up the answers in seconds!

Generative AI: Shaping the Future of Sales Content & Decision-Making 

The real magic happens when you realise EinsteinGPT is all about Generative AI. Generative artificial intelligence or generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence system capable of generating text, images, or other media in response to prompts. 

It's bringing the power of AI to CRM in ways we've never seen before. It does more than just analyse data; it also creates brand-new content, ideas, and approaches. It's like having a creative partner who's always thinking of new ways to get ahead.

For instance, you can use EinsteinGPT to create sales and marketing chatbots or for account research and discovery. It can even take over the creation of your sales messages, documents, and templates. It is also great at reporting and data mining, which can help you uncover previously unknown insights in your data. Some of the key features are: 

  • Einstein GPT: Employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to examine client interactions and produce useful insights. Companies can boost customer engagement and loyalty over time by providing personalised responses and recommendations.
  • Einstein Conversation Insights: Want to speed up your sales cycle? Einstein Conversation Insights is like having your own personal stenographer and analyst who can help you make sense of your sales call data and handle call logging and transcription. Now you can focus more on the conversation and less on note-taking.
  • Einstein Relationship Insights: With this feature, you can dig up key information from across the web and pull it into your CRM. It can map out relationships and deliver relevant deal information on your accounts as you browse the web. It can even keep you updated on external news about accounts and leads that might impact your sales strategy.
  • Unique Content Creation & Scheduling: And the best part? EinsteinGPT isn't just a data cruncher, it's a creator too. Whether you need a chatbot for sales and marketing or help to unearth actionable insights, EinsteinGPT has your back. This AI assistant can create sales messages and take over the tedious task of writing clauses and contracts. It can also schedule your meetings and prep you for your next interactions. And you know those times when you're just too busy to compose emails? Well, EinsteinGPT can do that for you. 

What is the impact on industries?

Financial Services: Getting Smart with Money

So, let's start with financial services. Making quick decisions, tailoring services to individual customers, and juggling large amounts of data are all essential in today's fast-paced business world. When applied to the financial services industry, Salesforce's Einstein GPT can facilitate personalised financial advice, efficient fraud detection, accurate loan assessments, and automated customer service. 

  • Tailored Financial Advice: By analysing individual financial histories and preferences, Einstein GPT can offer tailored advice on investments, retirement plans, and savings strategies. 
  • KYC/AML: Furthermore, it enhances creditworthiness assessments by considering factors like credit history and income, leading to more precise loan and credit approvals. 
  • ChatBots: The technology also powers chatbots for instant customer query resolution, improving service efficiency. 
  • Market Analysis: Additionally, Einstein GPT's capability to analyse market data, news, and social sentiment helps identify emerging trends, providing valuable insights for institutions and customers. 
  • Regulations: As most in financial services will know, regulations can be a minefield. In light of new regulations, like Consumer Fair Duty, GPT can help ensure compliance, risk assessment, customer communication, market fairness, etc.
  • Fraud Detection: Lastly, it aids in regulatory compliance by monitoring transactions and operations, alerting relevant personnel of potential violations. Plus, its ability to identify unusual transaction patterns aids in real-time fraud prevention

Automotive: Driving Sales in the Fast Lane

Industry leaders in auto manufacturing and auto financing have adopted Automotive Cloud to enhance dealer and customer interactions. And with EinsteinGPT, salespeople, agents and Dealer Networks can process massive amounts of customer data, guiding sales teams to the right buyers, and even flagging potential customer churn risks. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance: They can start to predict vehicle maintenance needs based on data, enabling proactive service scheduling. 
  • Stock Levels: They can also optimise inventory management by predicting sales trends, thus ensuring the right stock levels. 
  • Marketing Campaigns: Furthermore, Einstein GPT can automate marketing by identifying potential buyers and crafting personalised messages, enhancing campaign effectiveness. 
  • Churn Detection: Finally, it can help with customer retention by flagging early warning signs of dissatisfaction so that churn can be stopped in its tracks. 

Manufacturing: The Future of Making Stuff

Moving on to manufacturing, a field where juggling production schedules and supply chain management can be a real headache. 

  • Stock Management: In inventory management, Einstein GPT optimises stock levels by accurately forecasting product demand, reducing storage costs and preventing stockouts. 
  • Supplier Relationships: It also helps manage relationships with suppliers by finding ways to improve based on past interactions. This makes supply chains stronger and more reliable.  
  • Machine Maintenance: By analysing past machine data, predictive maintenance is able to schedule repairs for times when they will have the least impact on production. 
  • Scheduling: Last but not least, Einstein GPT simplifies workforce management by analysing employee data to optimise scheduling and meet production demands effectively. 

These applications collectively contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric manufacturing process.

Retail: The Shopping Revolution

Finally, it is time to visit the retail sector. Here, knowing your customer and offering a smooth shopping experience across all channels is the name of the game. EinsteinGPT can segment customers based on loads of data points, offering just the right products and services. And the best part? It integrates data from different channels, giving a complete picture of customer interactions.

  • Inventory Management: like in manufacturing, it can optimise inventory management by predicting needs based on sales data and customer buying patterns. 
  • Personalisation: personalised marketing campaigns can be created by analysing customer behaviour, while customer service can be enhanced through AI-powered chatbots. 
  • Store layout optimisation: Stores can be optimised using customer movement patterns, and pricing can be adjusted based on demand, competition, and cost.
  • Fraud Detection: Lastly, analysis of transaction data can reveal potential fraud.

Einstein GPT, in essence, can provide helpful insights and automation to improve many facets of retail operations, including inventory management and customer service.


In a nutshell, Salesforce is making significant strides in AI accessibility. As EinsteinGPT becomes more embedded in the platform, we’ll start to see new and exciting use cases appear. One thing is clear; we’re crossing the Rubicon with regard to AI and the impact it is having on our daily lives. It is also clear that Salesforce's AI investments will start to shape the future of sales and customer engagement.

 So, what do you think? Are you ready to revolutionise your sales strategy with Einstein GPT?

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