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Salesforce Events 2021

As vaccines slowly begin to roll out across the globe, we look forward with excitement to see what 2021 may hold. While most countries are still in the grip of the pandemic, we hope that towards the end of the year we may see some smaller events opening back up to the public - even if it’s with limited capacity.

That said, it is likely that most big events will be held virtually again this year. It is still early days and most events are currently being scheduled. However, below we have created a list of the most important events coming up this year.

We will update times and dates when they are available, as well as include any other events as they come online. 

World Tour

Annual Free event in multiple locations

Dates for 2021: This year there will be a World Tour streamed from Singapore on the 9th/10th of February. 

You can register here.

This annual event takes place across different cities throughout the globe. ‘World Tour’ gives attendees a chance to experience what Dreamforce is like directly from your local city. A free event to attend, World tour is held in cities from New York to London to Sydney. We’re not sure what’s in store for World Tour this year in terms of live, virtual or postponed. 


Annual event. 

Dates for 2021: 21st-24th of September

This is the big one! Anyone who knows anything about Salesforce is surely aware of Dreamforce. Each year over 170,000 people from around the globe descend on San Francisco for Salesforce’s biggest event of the year. Although last year's event was held virtually, Salesforce is hoping to have a live event again this year, so fingers crossed. I’m sure we’d all love to be heading back over to San Francisco in 2021!

TrailheaDX & TrailheaDX India

Annual paid 2-day events

Dates for 2021: Not yet announced - usually around June and December respectively. 

TrailHeaDX - one of the biggest conferences after Dreamforce. A great success in 2019, TrailheaDX went ahead in 2020 virtually. We’re not sure if it will be virtual or live this year, but it typically takes place around June

TrailheaDX India - Although a huge success in 2019, TrailheaDX India did not take place in 2020. We’re unsure if it will go ahead in 2021, however, it usually is set for December time, keep your eyes peeled as the year goes on! 


Annual paid 3-day event.

Dates for 2021: Not yet announced - usually around May.

Another very successful event from 2019 that unfortunately did not go ahead in 2020. Connections is usually set for around May, so we’re not sure if Salesforce is planning to go ahead with it this year. Perhaps it may be held later in the year or postponed till 2022. 

Click here to see the latest updates on Connections.

Education Summit

Annual event.

Dates for 2021: 16th of June - Annual this year. 

Previously known as ‘Higher Education Summit’, this event is aimed at schools, colleges, and universities of all sizes to transform and innovate education together. More details here.

London’s Calling 

Annual Community-led event. 

Dates for 2021: Friday 19th March Confirmed to be virtual this year

Europe’s largest community-led event is back again this year and it will be taking place virtually in March. With designated tracks for marketers to developers, London’s Calling is a community event that appeals to many different trailblazers. Not much has been announced for 2021 yet, however, you can get more information here as news is announced

More - Charity Events:

As well as many learning, connecting and inspiring events, the salesforce community also loves to give back! Every year there are annual charity events that take place that you can get involved in or attend. Dancing to boxing, you can find some of the charity events in association with salesforce partners here on the Partner Event Promotions site.

You can also find great webinars & events on not-for-profits here on events page

User Group Meetups 

As well as major Salesforce lead events, the trailblazer community enjoy regular meetups with other trailblazers in similar areas and interests. The aim is to Learn from Peers in your local area. There are many meetups and groups from Pardot users in London to developers in Australia. While most are online for now, these events are often in person with guests etc. You can search the community for groups in your field and area. You can search through thousands of these groups here.

For more, check for groups and events in your area here:

Customer Success Events

Online live globally available / Free

Hundreds of customer success events available already with more added regularly. These events are mostly aimed at Salesforce customers/users and done by Salesforce experts. Bonus is that these events are usually available in multiple languages and timezones. You can find all the customer success events and information here. This page allows you to filter these webinars and see past recordings.

Catch all the European specific events here.

Past & On Demand:

As well as upcoming events, you can always catch up with previous events on Salesforce Events page or on the Salesforce Youtube channel.  

Some good ones to rewatch? 

Salesforce Live: EMEA 

Salesforce Live: United Kingdom and Ireland

Leading Through Change: Building tomorrow's trusted workspace


We hope this blog post is helpful for anyone who wants to get involved with some great Salesforce events. 

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