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Salesforce Events 2020 (UK and Worldwide)

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As a Salesforce Partner in the UK, we’re of course disappointed to see events cancelled and postponed this year. For the last few months, there has been no other choice. In order to be safe Salesforce has moved all their events for the rest of the year online

While we will all be disappointed not to be heading off to San Francisco for Dreamforce, our local world tours and basecamps and of course TrailheaDX. We’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest events for the rest of the year and what information is available on them so far. You can also see any upcoming events and webinars here.


Annual four-day paid event.

Of course, we’ll start with the biggest of the bunch, Dreamforce. This year Dreamforce is set to be held virtually. Usually, a 4 day paid event but this year Dreamforce will be taking place virtually. Details are still being finalised but you can see the latest news here

World Tour

Annual Free event in multiple locations. 

World Tour gives you the chance to experience the taste of Dreamforce from your local city. A free event to attend, World tour is held in cities from New York to London to Sydney. This year some World Tours have been postponed and some moved online. 

TrailheaDX & TrailheaDX India 

Annual paid 2-day events. 

TrailHeaDX is probably one of the biggest conferences after Dreamforce. A great success last year, TrailheaDX has been moved online for this year. Happening on June 25th, 2020. While many will be sad not to be heading off to San Francisco in a few short weeks, anyone can register here to attend virtually. 

TrailheaDX India also a slamming success last year. Usually set to happen in December, no updates have been shared about this years event, but you can check here for the latest updates and see the highlights & schedules from last year. 


Annual paid 3-day event.

Another very big even by Salesforce year in year out. This year Connections will be held online as well of course. You can register to attend here. While the event has been postponed, the official new date has not been confirmed yet. You can find out all updates on the Connections home page or by registering. They have informed that information will be coming in the next few weeks. 

Customer Success

Online live globally available. 

There are literally hundreds of customer success events available. These events are mostly aimed at salesforce customers/users and done by Salesforce experts. Bonus is that these events are usually available in multiple languages and timezones. You can find all the customer success events and information here. This page allows you to filter these webinars and see past recordings.

Catch all the European specific events here.

Salesforce Live: United Kingdom and Ireland

Tuesday the 13th of October. 

This year in October, Salesforce UK & Ireland are having a virtual event where we can hear from the UK and Ireland’s top Trailblazers on how they’re transforming and delivering exceptional customer experience. There will be sessions on In-depth Learning and Product Demos. This event will be a half-day (9.30-12.45) and you can find out all the information here.

You can register here.

Salesforce Community events:

Trailblazer Community Groups

If you don’t know, the trailblazer community has groups made by the community for the community to have meetups. Learn from Peers in your local area. While most are online for now, these events are often in person with guests etc. You can search the community for groups in your field and area. You can search through thousands of these groups here.

Trailblazer Community Conferences

Learn from peers in these community lead conferences. Trailblazer community conferences are for the community by the community. Mostly in these paid multi-day events, you can hear all about experiences, case studies, products, updates and more These include events like London’s Calling and Singapore Dreamin’ and take place worldwide. Check here for upcoming events.

We hope this blog post is helpful for anyone who wants to get involved with some great Salesforce events. 

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