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Salesforce Basecamp Dublin

  • elizabeth_keenan

Wednesday the 19th of June marked Dublin’s first ever Salesforce Basecamp. Taking place in the Convention Center, Basecamp Dublin was a great celebration of innovation, learning and networking. With more than 1200 registrations and speakers such as Enda McNulty and David Dempsey, the day was surely inspirational and educational. 

Pexlify was a Platinum Sponsor

Pexlify were a Platinum Sponsor at Basecamp Dublin. Pexlify is a Platinum partner and is delighted to have been a sponsor of the largest Salesforce event in Ireland to date. Our pod was located in the Customer Success Expo with a number of other Platinum sponsors. Did you get a chance to visit our pod? Our Pexlify merch was very popular as everyone came over to take a chance to spin our wheel of fortune.

Kicking off at 12:30, registration opened and attendees started arriving. There was a casual lunch and time to visit some pods in the customer success expo before the opening keynote. 

Opening Keynote

Starting off the Keynote was none other than David Dempsey - Salesforce Ireland Country Manager.

We saw a celebration of trailblazers and David talked about their message and key values. Trust, innovation, equality, and customer success are the pillars in which the Salesforce community lives by. He also discussed their 1:1:1 model, 1% pledge, growth over the years and of course, the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

It was great to see and hear Pexlify mentioned during the Keynote under the Salesforce ecosystem. 

After some information and statistics, it was time to move onto customer success. They discussed how Marriott is embracing new technology to improve customer experience. At Marriott hotels, regular guests can now walk straight past reception to their room and unlock their door with their phone. Loyalty customers can also check in weeks in advance and use Apple Chat to list any specific requirements. You can find out more about how Marriott uses Salesforce in this video here.

During the opening keynote, we also heard from two more Salesforce customers, PINK Shirt Makers and Ulster Bank. If you were at World Tour in London, you will have seen how PINK Shirt Makers have achieved seamless integration using 360° view of their customers. 

Ulster Bank has more than 1.9 million customers, and is utilising Salesforce AI to improve customer experience by putting the customer first. Ulster Bank is also using tools like TrailHead to help the training process by creating a custom trailmix. You can watch this video if you would like to know more about how Ulster Bank are using Salesforce. 

Building Meaningful Customer Relationships in Financial Services - Session

Alexander Bender, the Global Head of Client Relationship Management at Allianz Care was a guest speaker for the Building Meaningful Customer Relationships in Financial Services session. 

Mr Bender started with their Salesforce journey and explained the development of their complex custom Sales Cloud application ‘Quoteforce’. This application was to replicate Allianz's current SQS functionality to enable them to perform accurate sales quotations. It was very important that they had an interface to upload member data which would help them generate the business quotation. Allianz wanted to reduce the need to manually create each member record. 

Mr Bender also discussed the importance of finding the right partner to work with. He mentioned that Pexlify’s custom-made application for Allianz Care has not only streamlined their process but brought them significant time-saving benefits. 

Delighted to have found such a great partner in Pexlify Enterprise Solutions…Fantastic team that delivered an outstanding solution in QuoteForce” - Alexander Bender

You can read more about Allianz Care and their custom Salesforce solution in our case study here.

There were many great sessions available to attend, from how to create a better customer experience to Einstein to the future of banking. The day was finished off with some very inspirational talk from Enda McNulty in the closing Keynote, followed by an hour of networking. Enda is a performance Coach who focuses on growth mindset, wellbeing and energy. From high attendance to great speakers and networking, Basecamp Dublin was a huge success. Thank you to Salesforce for a day of Innovation, networking and learning. 

We hope you enjoyed Basecamp Dublin. If weren't able to make it this year, be sure to make it out next time for an action-packed day of innovation.

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