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Pexlify is heading to Dreamforce 2019

  • elizabeth_keenan

Another year has gone by and Pexlify is gearing up for Dreamforce once again.

In case you don’t know already, Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual conference held in San Francisco. The conference brings over 170K attendees into the city for 4 jam-packed days of all things Salesforce.

This year, some of the Pexlify team will be heading over to the Golden Gate City once again to experience Dreamforce. For quite a few, it will be their first time. If it’s your first time attending, make sure to check out our post ‘Tips for Dreamforce’ to help you prepare.  

Out of the 9 team members attending,  it will be John’s, Gearoid’s, Shane’s, Neil’s and Elizabeth’s first time at Dreamforce. The team is made up of a great mix of Sales, Marketing, Product, Developers and Engagement Managers. 

You might be wondering, what is everyone looking forward to? What to expect? Well, we’ve done a Q&A with some of the team. Let's hear what they have to say about their excitement and plans for #DF19! 

Q. What are you looking forward to the most at Dreamforce 2019?

‘Hearing the customer stories about how they are using Salesforce and what the business impact was. Also hearing about new features and functionality in upcoming releases.’ - John

‘Meeting new people in the Salesforce world, and attending sessions on topics that I do not have huge familiarity with.’ - Shane

‘In Dreamforce, I mostly like to meet different people and learn more about what they do and how they use Salesforce. It's a great networking opportunity. There are also some interesting sessions where you can always learn more if it's different technical topics or examples of how others have implemented different Salesforce products. It's also a great and massive event which is really well organized and very impressive.’ - Or

‘I’m excited about the opening keynote with Marc Benioff, the atmosphere of the Salesforce ecosystem, upcoming releases/announcements and of course all things Marketing Cloud. I’m also looking forward to all the people I will get to meet from with the 'Blaze a Trail to Dreamforce contest’ - Elizabeth 

‘ As this will be my third year, I’m looking forward to seeing how the event has evolved and what new features will be showcased in the various keynotes. I’ll also be spending some time walking the Expo area and seeing what new products and solutions companies are building on the platform.’ - Colm

Q. Out of the 2,700 sessions, are they any specific sessions or panels you are looking to attend? 

‘I always like the technical sessions where someone is using some new approach to implement functionality on Salesforce. I also like to see case studies to learn how others have implemented Salesforce and there are now so many new clouds and products such as construction cloud, financial services, Salesforce Maps (MapAnything) cloud and tableau - it's interesting to see how they're being made a part of Salesforce, their road map and learn more about them.’ - Or 

‘Mainly looking at the sessions around Financial Services and Hi-Tech industry.’  - John

‘I’m definitely looking forward to all things Marketing Cloud and anything around the Financial Services industry.’ - Elizabeth

‘DevOps and Einstein related sessions.’ - Shane

‘I’ll be looking to learn a bit more about Sales Performance Management apps built on Salesforce, as well as related topics. Will also attend some industry sessions (Financial Services) and Cloud (FSL, Community, Marketing) related sessions.

‘Hi-tech telco and manufacturing seminars.’ - David

Q. What are the team expecting from attending Dreamforce? 

‘Knowledge around different product offerings that I don't have experience with. More insight into how Salesforce is used in different industries, Healthcare industry, for example, this session. Also, maybe some pointers for my journey to Certified Technical Architect.’- Shane

‘Get more embedded into the Salesforce ecosystem and Ohana!!’ - John

‘Increased global industry knowledge.’ - David

‘Lots of inspiration and to really get the feel of the Salesforce ecosystem in full swing’ - Elizabeth

‘The two main goals would be networking and learning more about the platform.’ - Or

‘Improving overall product knowledge and get a better understanding of the current SPM marketplace. Also, looking at doing some badges on the numerous campgrounds and grabbing some sweet swag - Salesforce mascot teddies for the kids!!!” - Colm

Q. What advice do you have for newbies attending?

‘Everybody says you should plan what you want to attend and achieve. I'll recommend to not plan a very busy schedule, only pick the sessions you really want to attend, leave yourself enough time for networking and to enjoy.’ - Or

‘Embrace it and try to get to all keynotes.’ - David

‘1.Know where each session you wish to attend is located and plan accordingly - give yourself time to walk. 2. Wear comfy shoes. 3. Head along to Dreamfest on the second night - great music and fun to be had. 4.Enjoy the experience’ - Colm 

Well, there you have it, what the Pexlify team are looking forward to the most at Dreamforce 2019! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn and here on the blog for updates on all things Dreamforce.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Let us know if you are planning on attending Dreamforce. 

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