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Pexlify Is Heading to Dreamforce 2018

  • elizabeth_keenan

It’s that time of year again and the Pexlify team are heading to Dreamforce 2018! Dreamforce is the annual conference held by Salesforce in the city of San Francisco. If you have read any Salesforce related blogs lately, we’re sure you’ve probably seen some posts, videos, or updates about it. This year there will be over 170,000 people attending this amazing event.

The Need-to-know Basics:

What?: Conference held by Salesforce once a year

Where: Downtown,  San Francisco

When: 25-28th Sept

Who: 170,000 Trailblazers

This year the team from Pexlify going are Stephen, Or, Colm, David, and Guillaume.

Stephen, Or and Colm have all attended many times. It will be David and Guillaume's first time to Dreamforce and they are very excited! It’s great to know the schedule and what’s going on, however, it is also great to know what to avoid and get some insider information from people who have been there before. We had a few minutes to catch up with Colm and Or to ask them a few questions on the conference and what to expect:

Looking Forward to the Most?

“Different keynotes - Financial Service, Einstein, Mulesoft, Sales and Service Cloud. There are also always a few surprises in the main keynote.” - Or

“The main keynote by Marc Benioff is always a highlight, as we get to see the vision for the Salesforce platform over the coming year, as well as viewing successful projects around innovation, equality and environmental. With over 2,700 sessions there's a lot to choose from, however, I have mostly planned sessions around Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Einstein and improving sales performance using Sales Cloud. ” - Colm

Favourite Thing About Attending Dreamforce?

"Running into loads of old colleagues, catching up and meeting new people.” - Or

“Great food and restaurants around downtown and of course, Dreamfest & after parties - it's not all work and no play!!!! The events and parties are also great for networking and meeting old and new friends” - Colm

Least Favourite Thing About Dreamforce?

“The long queues in every coffee shop within a 3 miles radius.” - Or

“The distance between some of the event centres/hotels. Sore feet - bring comfy shoes as you'll be walking around a lot. And don't forget about those San Fran hills. ” - Colm

Advice for Anyone Attending?

“Plan your schedule well. Make sure you know what you want to see. Leave time between the sessions you plan to attend as it always takes longer than you think to get around. Think about what you want to get out of the conference. Make sure to enjoy it!” - Or

“My main suggestion is to have your schedule/agenda planned and to make sure you give yourself time to walk between sessions. Also, some sessions required you to book a seat, so make sure to check the session in the Events app.” - Colm

So there you have it, some advice and suggestions from a few Dreamforce regulars. What is the main takeaway advice we can see here? Lots of walking, bring comfortable shoes and schedule, schedule, schedule your time at DF18.

Are you heading to Dreamforce this year? Or maybe just thinking about going in the future? Pexlify has put together a quick post with the best tips for Dreamforce, have a look at it here.

That’s all for now. Make sure you’re following us and the team members to see footage and updates directly from Dreamforce 2018! Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

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