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Our Top 5 Feature Updates in Spring ‘20 Release

  • elizabeth_keenan

Hello everyone and welcome to 2020! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a nice new year! With a new year brings a new update for all of us Salesforce users. This spring update is great as we can start to see what we heard at Dreamforce coming into effect. 

If you’re new to Salesforce or have never looked at release notes before, we recommend taking a look at the trailhead module for the latest release. This module is a great way to get started with spring ‘20. 

You can also check the status (current issues, updates etc) of your org here.

Here are some important dates to take note of: 

- January 3  - Sandbox Preview window for Spring ‘20 begins.

- January 8/9 - Release Overview Deck / Matrix

- January 10th - First release weekend 

- January 24-30 - Release Readiness Live 

- February 7/8 - Second Release Weekend 

- February 15 - 3rd / Final Release Weekend

- February 17  - Spring ’20 Release will be globally available. 

1. Einstein Voice – Talk to Salesforce with Einstein (like you talk to Alexa or Google). (see notes here)

I think we all were shocked when we saw Mark Benioff and Parker Harris demonstrate Einstein Voice in the Main Keynote at Dreamforce 2019. Just like you talk to Alexa to receive updates at home, you can now use Einstein Voice to create, edit and update records, as well as receive important notifications in Salesforce by using voice commands. These changes are being rolled out right now and mobile users can expect to see these changes from the week of February 17, 2020.

Spring 20 Release Einstein voice

2. Einstein Opportunity Scoring. (see notes here)

Opportunity scoring is not only more advanced but now free for all Sales Cloud users. Anyone using Sales Cloud can now add Einstien Scoring lightning component to your page layouts. Salesforce believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a must-have for sales teams in today’s marketplace and we agree. Get ready to take your sales to the next level.

3. Clone Objects with Related Records. (see notes here)

With the clone tool and related actions, it’s now easier to handle a variety of repeating business processes. Now you can click ‘clone with related actions’ and the original object’s related records are added to the cloned object. 

4. Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently. (see notes here)

This new feature allows Sales reps to share out their workload where possible. Reps can designate their task to shared queues where others can take ownership of these individual tasks. Find out more about this feature in this module on Trailhead.

5. Simplify Logins and Profiles on Salesforce-Related Sites with (see notes here)

With one login, you can now access multiple salesforce related sites. This allows users to manage the profile and settings in one place. Your profile now shows aggregated data across all the sites.

Bonus - Empty the Recycle Bin in One Step. (see notes here)

Previously you had to select individual items to delete or switch back to classic to empty items at once. Now in lightning, you can empty the entire bin in one click! 

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