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It’s our Birthday!

  • elizabeth_keenan

Today, Pexlify is celebrating 6 years in business! It’s crazy how time flies. The last year and a half has been tough for a lot of businesses. Everyone has had to make changes and adjust to a new way of doing business. We are super proud of the team at Pexlify and luckily, we’ve been able to excel and continue to grow during this difficult period. 

To celebrate this year, we sent out healthy gifts to all our staff members. The wellness of our employees is important to us, so this year we opted for a healthy mix of juices and snacks to celebrate the big day.

As we prepare to welcome back our employee’s to the office, we’ll take a look back at some of the highlights in 2020 & 2021 for Pexlify.

We’ve doubled in size!

That’s right, since last year we’ve seen tremendous growth in many areas of the business. We’ve also managed to double our headcount since the start of our fiscal year.

We’ve had some very fun virtual parties & In-office days

Over the past year (well year and a half) we’ve had some great virtual parties! From painting & prosecco to comedy nights, it’s been good to still have fun and keep in touch with all team members while remaining safe at home!

With the rise of vaccine levels and the beginning of the country opening back up, we were finally able to have some open days for our employees to come into the office. Since we have increased our headcount during the year, it was great for a lot of new staff to finally see the office for the first time and meet their team in person.

New offices!

That’s right, new and improved office spaces for Pexlify in 2021. In our Irish office, we have got a whole new floor. This new floor will be ready to use on our return and we’re excited for all our staff to see it!

And we have moved to a bigger office space in London for our UK Headquarters. Now that our UK staff count has increased, we needed a space that allows for our team to grow further when we return to the office full-time.

Our Graduate programme (started in 2019) has expanded.

What started off as a small number of developer graduates has expanded and spread throughout many departments in the company. We successfully implemented a new graduate project management program, as well as a Quality Analyst program. We have found huge success in the graduate programs here at Pexlify and are delighted to say that the majority of the recruits have gone on to become full-time developers, engagement managers and analysts within the company.

What’s Next?

With a few months left of 2021 and things returning to a new normal, we are super excited for 2022. We are looking forward to meeting many of the clients again in person and hopefully travelling and visiting live events and trade shows.

We would also like to thank Salesforce, our Clients and our team for their continued support and commitment over the last year. Thank you!

That’s it for another year at Pexlify. Here’s to 6 years of business success! ?

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