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Blazing a Trail to Dreamforce: Heading to Dreamforce with Salesforce UK [Watch Interview]

  • elizabeth_keenan

Heading to Dreamforce with Salesforce UK

It’s nearly time for Dreamforce. With less than 1 week to go, the whole Pexlify team are getting very excited. As part of my preparation, I headed over to Salesforce UK to discuss and plan my time at Dreamforce. 

You can read my last post about my trip to the tower here: A visit to Salesforce Tower London. While I was there we filmed an interview - this interview is now live across the Salesforce UK social channels. 

You can watch the interview right Twitter here

You can also watch the interview between Cristina (last year's winner) and Elizabeth here: 

Schedule and Tips

With over 2,700 sessions, it can be quite overwhelming to try to pick out what to attend etc. It’s my first time going to Dreamforce so I’m still combing through the agenda builder, picking out what to attend, etc. 

One thing to note - a lot of sessions and keynotes will be recorded and uploaded online afterwards. If you’re trying to make decisions on what to attend, use this to help make your decisions.

Another thing to note is that a lot of sessions are repeated (depending on demand). When in the agenda builder, check the ‘related sessions’ section. Here you can see if this session has another time - this might suit you better.

What’s my agenda looking like so far? Well, there are a few things I certainly do not want to miss at Dreamforce:

  • Opening Keynote with Marc Benioff 
  • Financial Services Keynote
  • A Conversation with President Barack Obama
  • UKI Welcome Party
  • Dreamfest (with Fleetwood Mac)

Get Involved Now

There are a lot of online Dreamforce communities you can get involved with. Right now, you can see what everyone’s saying about Dreamforce now via social media.

Follow all of Pexlify’s and Salesforce channels for updates to see what exciting things are happening. 

You can also follow along with the Dreamforce hashtags: #DF19, #UKITrailblazerDF19 and #PexlifyDF19

See you all at Dreamforce!

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