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Goodbye 2021👋, Hello 2022!

  • elizabeth_keenan

And that’s a wrap on 2021! After what has been another turbulent year with Covid, we are thankful for a great year of business.

As we close in on Christmas and the end of the year, we want to give a special thanks to our employees, customers, partners and Salesforce for making 2021 a great year. 

As we finish the year working from home again, we look forward to 2022 with positivity. As a company, we have continued to grow across the board and are thankful for all the hard work each and every one of our employees has put in this year.

Started ‘The Perspective’ Podcast

This year we have broken new ground and started some new marketing activities. It’s no secret that technology is evolving and changing dramatically at the moment. With digital transformation at the forefront of most clients' minds, we decided to take a dive deep into the world of Salesforce, CRM and technology. 

So in 2021, we decided to start our new podcast, The Perspective. With an array of guests from across a number of industries, like Anup Jadhav, Ryan Joyce, Howard Wassall, and Jonathan Corrie, you won't want to miss an episode! 

In The Perspective podcast, Colm chats with leaders and professionals in the Salesforce Eco-System, as well as the wider business and technology world. The podcast investigates topics around current trends in Salesforce and specific industries, what the future may hold for technology moving forward, the impact of digital transformation, and what makes our guests, as individuals, tick. 

New Website Design

Another key milestone this year was the launch of our newly designed website. At Pexlify, one of our key values is building long-term relationships. As a result, we wanted to design a site that was warm, inviting and make a visitor feel welcome. 

It was also important to us to improve our messaging and be as helpful as possible. We also wanted to have a cohesive brand image across all our marketing platforms, as well as improve UI and UX of the site. We also wanted to share more about our goals and what we do here at Pexlify. We look forward to continuing to improve the site in 2022 as we expand our service offerings.]

Pexlify NFL Tailgate Party

In October, the Pexlify team hosted our first annual Pexlify NFL Tailgate Party in London, followed by attending the New York Jets versus the Atlanta Falcons in Tottenham Stadium.

It was a great occasion, and I think everyone really enjoyed the day out. It was great to be back out meeting Salesforce AE’s, Customers, and Partners again! Hopefully, in 2022, we will be able to host and attend a lot more events.

You can read the full blog post on the event here

Run In The Dark Charity Run

This year, we were able to make it out to a few charity events. One, in particular, was the Run in the Dark Charity Run. It was done virtually this year and the Pexlify team were delighted to take part in a good cause. Here are some photos of just a handful of people who did the run 👉

In June of this year, Colm Barry, Head of Marketing, was joined Raj Mistry, Former EVP & Head of EMEA at Mulesoft, for a Fireside chat on some of the key trends and challenges customers are reporting in the Financial Services sector.
As a result of the pandemic and many other influences, such as regulations and competition, the Financial Services sector is currently seeing a lot of disruption. In their conversation, Raj touches on integration complexity within Enterprises and how MuleSoft helps address these challenges. Raj also discusses how companies can use integrations to unlock its data to drive its digital transformation initiatives. You watch now below:

Although we got to do some in-person events this year, we also attended some online events too! Dreamforce 2021 being a highlight! This year Dreamforce inspired us just as much as ever, but we’re for sure hoping it will be in person again for 2023! You can catch the opening keynote here:

A lot of new content!

This year we had a lot of great guest posts on our blog from developers, engagement managers and the sales team! Here are some of the great posts we’ve shared: 

How to Avoid a Salesforce Project Failure?

Salesforce ROI relies on key elements working in harmony - a planned implementation strategy aligned with business outcomes, structured user training and a cohesive approach to user adoption. Two of our engagement management team share insights into a successful project. Read the full article here.

Digitising the Building Society Industry: How Salesforce can Modernise Traditional Institutions for the Digital Age

For years building societies were able to position themselves as THE ethical alternative to traditional banks and lenders and play an important role in the economy. Sales Director, Lee Clark, discusses digitising the building society industry and how Salesforce can modernise these traditional institutions. Read the full article here

How a Salesforce Centre of Excellence Increases ROI (Part 1)

Although a smooth ‘Go Live’ for a Salesforce project is a moment of huge relief for a project team that has worked tirelessly to make it a success, for the business itself, the actual work to make a project succeed has only just started. Implementing Salesforce is an important moment in the life of an organisation, especially as it can have an influence on people’s way of working. Paul Delaney discusses how a Salesforce Centre of Excellence increases ROI. Read the full article here.

Well, that's a wrap on 2021, thank you for following along and we’ll see you all in 2022! 👋

Thanks - The Pexlify Team

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