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Fireside Chat with MuleSoft’s Raj Mistry

  • colm_barry


Join us for our conversation with Raj Mistry, EVP & Head of EMEA at MuleSoft, as he discusses current market trends in Financial Services and how companies can use integrations to unlock data and drive digital transformation initiatives.


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More details about our conversation:

As a result of the pandemic and many other influences, such as regulations and competition, the Financial Services sector is currently seeing a lot of disruption. In this Fireside chat, Raj and Colm chat about some key trends and challenges customers are reporting in the sector.

We touch on integration complexity within Enterprises and how MuleSoft helps address these challenges. Raj discusses how companies can use integrations to unlock their data to drive their digital transformation initiatives.

With brand power and price no longer key differentiators, offering frictionless customer experiences and personalization is imperative. We chat about why API-led Connectivity is so important and how to overcome complex challenges when trying to manage multiple access points while offering seamless customer journeys.

With a lot of talk about Open Banking these days, Raj also provides his thoughts on it and where he thinks it can take us.

We also discuss what tech environment a company needs to start using MuleSoft and what options are available to them?

And finally, with Artificial Intelligence becoming another hot topic, we discuss what plans MuleSoft has around AI and how will it benefit their customers.

We hope you can join us for this conversation!

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