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Field Service Checklist

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When it comes to acquiring a Field Service system for an organisation, there are many questions management might ask themselves -  ‘Do we need a new solution?’, ‘How will this impact performance?’, ‘Will this increase our revenue?’ and so on.

When evaluating a Field Service Management system, you need to investigate how your organisation is currently tracking and monitoring your field employees and if the process is performing at an optimal level. If you are looking for a new system, you may already have answered this question.

Keeping track and maximising the time of Fieldworkers is extremely complex. However, getting this right can make a huge difference to your business, not only to efficiency levels but also to revenue, among other things.

What are the main benefits companies are looking for in a Field Service Management system?

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased Customer Service
  • Actively and fairly track Field Employees

Whatever the reason for your interest in a Field Service solution, you can’t go wrong with Field Service Lightning(FSL).

Below, we have put together a sort of optimised checklist when implementing a Field Service Management solution into your organisation.

1. Giving Easy, Uncomplicated Service to Customers

FSL works on a unified platform where employees and customers can easily interact on their own terms. With FSL, field workers can provide faster and smarter on-site service. Not only will your customers be impressed, but they will also be delighted with your efficiency levels.

Fast, efficient and accurate service makes for an unforgettable experience. Easily distributing notifications, stock updates and other vital information will also increase customer satisfaction.

Check out our post which highlights some of the exciting features FSL has to offer.

2. Ensure Teamwork / ‘Team Effort’ Atmosphere

Clear communication is at the core of every successful business. It is important that your employees’ in the field feel part of the team and are connected to teams back in the office.

Communication between these teams needs to be accurate and concise, so field workers have a clear picture of the tasks and appointments that need to be completed

FSL can help improve this communication. With features like Live-Agent web chat, Chatter and email integration, everyone can start singing from the same hymn sheet and deliver exceptional service to customers’. Start driving new service standards and get the best from your team.

3. Easy-to-use Tools and Resources

Complicated systems are not convenient for workers who are out in the field and on the go constantly. Most importantly, the FSL mobile app is very user-friendly. Important functionality, like updating an Account record or capturing a signature, is easy to get to. 

Within the mobile app for FSL, field users can easily access knowledge articles. This great resource is not only beneficial for issues relating to a client but also allows users’ to learn and understand different aspects around FSL during downtime. 

With FSL on Trailhead, ensure that employees are using the system to its full potential and not missing out on major features that will improve their work.  

4. Automate & Optimise

Automation might be one of the biggest improvements to efficiency in your company. Automating routes and scheduling in FSL should be high on your checklist.

We touched on the route optimiser in a previous post on FSL and discussed the substantial time-savings and automatic updating capabilities one can achieve.

5. Identify Risks & Control Issues

When using a fully integrated platform like Salesforce, it is easier to find the root cause of issues relating to internal processes or to customer accounts.

Some of the challenges and issues facing field service management include:

  • Visibility - Dispatchers need to know where their team are at all times. Visibility is imperative to the productivity of the workforce, as well as the safety of the employees. This can also contribute to an isolated feeling within the field employees, affecting job priorities, the ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality and access to the correct equipment etc.

  • First-time fix rate - utilising a field service management tool with intelligent automation, dispatchers can assign tasks with expertise level, notes and any specific time requirements. When a schedule is generated, it will assign these tasks to the field workers who meet the specific requirements.  

With everything tracked and documented in FSL, users can check the full history of an account and input information to ensure the issue does not reoccur in the future. Not only controlling but preventing.

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