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Dreamforce To You

  • elizabeth_keenan

Can you believe it’s already a year since Dreamforce 2019? Who would have thought 12 months ago we would be all having a rollercoaster ride of a year.

While many of us have had to adapt and put our lives slightly on hold, this year Salesforce has decided to bring Dreamforce into our homes (or wherever you call your office these days 😉 ). 

We’re sure most of the Salesforce community, including ourselves, are sad not to be jetting off to San Francisco this year. However, with a virtual Dreamforce comes a great opportunity for those people who may not have been able to make it out to San Francisco in the first place. We now all have the opportunity to watch live and take part in all the fun of Dreamforce. 

First things first, if you haven’t registered already, you can do so here. If you’d like to read more about DF19, make sure you read our round-up of Dreamforce 19 and this post on what is expected most years at Dreamforce. 

Here we’ll discuss some things you need to know and how you can get ready for this year's virtual ‘Dreamforce To You’! 

Dates & Schedule 

“Dreamforce To You” will ramp up next week with the Main Keynote from Marc Benioff, including lots of innovation and learnings from the past year. 

Main Keynote - Wednesday, December 2nd at 10:00 a.m. PST// 6:00 pm UK/IRISH time. 

“Dreamforce To You” will be kicking off Next Wednesday the 2nd of December with an opening keynote from Marc Benioff and guests. In true Dreamforce fashion, we’ll hear amazing success stories from the likes of Bentley Motors and AT&T, as well as Customer 360 innovation. 

DreamTX - December 14 to 17

Learning, innovation, case studies and more straight from your home. We’ll be able to virtually experience all things Dreamforce like connecting with trailblazers, view case studies, attend industry sessions and we’re sure there’ll be a few surprise guests!

Personalized Meetings - Starting November 9th through December

Throughout the month, you can reach out to your Salesforce Account Executive to set up personalised meetings to show you the latest and best of Customer 360. 


Unlike other years where fees are $1700-2000, this year Salesforce is offering Dreamforce To You for free. So there is no excuse not to attend and experience this great event.
Fingers crossed, this time next year we’ll be all heading off to San Francisco to experience Dreamforce once again in person with all the other 170,000 attendees.

Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to ‘Dreamforce To You’ and hope you all are too! Let us know if you’ll be tuning into Dreamforce To You! 

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