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Dreamforce ‘19: My Thoughts As A First-Time Visitor

  • elizabeth_keenan

Just like that, Dreamforce ‘19 has come and gone. #DF19 was bigger and better than ever. With big product announcements like Einstein Voice and inspirational guest speakers including Barack Obama, Tim Cook and Arianna Huffington, it was certainly one to remember. 

To start the week off, I attended the UKI Innovation session in Napa Valley. This was a lovely day with great innovational speakers like Dr. Linda Hill, who spoke about the ‘Collective Genius’ and pushing innovation in your organisation.

Day 1 - Tuesday.

Day one of Dreamforce was a whirlwind. We made it into the Opening Keynote with Marc Benioff, where we heard about Salesforce’s Philanthropic efforts, some new product announcements and strategic partnerships, as well as an exclusive live performance from the one and only Alicia Keys.

In the Keynote, there were some exciting new announcements like Einstein Voice, Customer 360 Truth and Trailhead integration with AWS.

After this, I got the chance to interview some amazing MVP’s and supermoms like Louise Lockie, Ben McCarthy, Ines Garcia and Abigail Julian

See my interview with Louise Lockie here: 

Interview with Ines Garcia here:

Highlight of the day: Opening Keynote with Marc Benioff. 

Day 2 - Wednesday

Wednesday was another fun and action-packed day. Starting the day out with the UKI Innovation tour fireside chat with talks from Salesforce customers Heathrow Airport and BT. I attended a few marketing-related sessions, as well as the Field Service Keynote and the Financial Services Keynote

Attending the Financial Services Keynote was a great way to see how businesses across the financial sector, like Barclays, are using Salesforce to achieve success. Barclays is using salesforce to simplify their mortgage application process across the UK for thousands of brokers and customers. You can read their full case study here.

On Wednesday afternoon, I also got the chance to interview Ben McCarthy from - one of the best and well-known blogs on all things Salesforce. Check out the interview here: 

And of course, Wednesday night concluded with Dreamfest. Every year, Dreamforce puts on a huge concert with top headliners to raise money for UC SF Benioff Children’s Hospital. This year, the legendary Fleetwood Mac headlined the show, with Beck as the opening act. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather see more! Thanks @Salesforce for an incredible night.

Highlight of the day: Has to be Dreamfest! 

Day 3 - Thursday

Thursday started very early with breakfast, then queuing up to get a seat for Barack Obama’s Fireside chat. In this chat, the former president spoke about not only the environment but inspiring young leaders in tech. Truly an amazing experience to attend. 

Thursday also hosted the Service Cloud Keynote, Customer Success Keynote and the Digital Experience Keynote. All 3 were excellent and it’s great to see how the entire Salesforce platform can work together to drive success and enhance the customer experience at every level. 

I also had some time on Thursday to take a look around the 360 Expo and Trailhead Zone. The best time to check out these zones is when you have some time to do some hands-on learning and pick up some swag - which is always great. 

Highlight of the day: Obama’s chat and Customer Success Keynote - It’s great to hear how customers are using the platform. 

Day 4 - Friday

The last day of Dreamforce came quickly. On this half-day, there is a lot of focus on mindfulness and health. Starting out the day, I attended a 1.5-hour session on mindfulness and brain health with Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bennet Omalu and Emilia Clarke. While talking about their own personal experiences with mindfulness and brain injuries, they discussed how they are trying to change things in this environment. 

Next up, I attended one last marketing session on B2B emailing that was very insightful. In this session, they discussed building trust with the customer and how the B2B industry is expected to deliver the same level of customer service as B2C companies. They also shared an ebook with tips for email marketing, which you can download here

After Dreamforce had closed up, I made a quick trip to Salesforce Tower, which is located only a 10-minute walk from Moscone. It was great to see the home of Salesforce and visit the original Ohana floor. Astro and I also made a quick stop at Alcatraz which was a great experience.

Highlight of the day: Visiting the Ohana Floor

Thank you for following this #BlazeATrail series on our blog and we hope you enjoyed seeing Dreamforce from a first-hand perspective.

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