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Following on from our first Digital Transformation blog post, today we’re looking at how companies can enhance their customers' journey and overall digital experience through Salesforce Communities.

There are multiple digital touchpoints your customers interact with on a daily basis. As part of the digital transformation strategy, many of these processes are ripe for digital optimisation. “Digital optimization”, as defined by Gartner, is the process of using digital technology to improve existing operating processes and/or business models.

For many businesses, in multiple sectors, creating digital accounts and onboarding customers online has always been a difficult process.

With “57% of millennials preferring some form of digital account opening” it is crucial that companies get this right. Get it wrong and it can have disastrous results - 32% of customers would stop interacting with a brand they loved after one bad experience. 

Digital onboarding and client interactions are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to businesses enhancing their digital strategy. Onboarding customers, employees and partners can be difficult and time-consuming and having a way to keep in constant contact with them can seem overwhelming.  

How much can digitising your technology enhance the onboarding process? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest challenges surrounding onboarding and some best practices when moving forward with digital optimisation. 


Gathering Personal Details, Documentation & Handling Data Silos

Manual onboarding processes can be difficult for any business. Gathering information and files can be hard to complete in a timely fashion. Usually, with these kinds of on-boarding processes, there are multiple back-office individuals that must get involved. This process can also involve a lot of back and forth between the prospect and business, as well as time-lags waiting for documents to be mailed in, etc. 

Receiving correct documents and managing due diligence on each prospect is resource-heavy. Then, finally getting the potential customer’s signature on documents can become a headache, rather than one clear task. 

If a company is using disparate systems, these manual processes can become very slow and expensive. This builds for awful customer experience, as well as poor transparency for prospects. 

Delivering on Customer Expectations

How you onboard your customers sets the tone for your relationship with them. If the prospect finds onboarding difficult or long, you will start the relationship with low expectations and can result in less customer lifetime value (LTV) and higher churn rates.

If customers aren’t sure where they are in the process, this will lead to further communication and time-wasting. A clear, easy path laid out in a simple process is imperative and will help turn your prospects into loyal clients.

By digitising a complex process, like client onboarding, you are not only going to increase efficiencies but also enhance the customer experience. 


To help combat these onboarding challenges is Salesforce Community Cloud. Often referred to as a ‘portal’ or ‘forum’, Community Cloud is a customisable place where people can collaborate and interact, and is a vital part to any business looking to enhance their digital strategy. With Salesforce’s 360° platform, all of your customer user data can be stored in one place.

User Interface & Integration

The User Interface (UI) experience is highly important to your onboarding process. Salesforce Communities is a powerful solution, as it allows you to customise your layout and incorporate your brand guidelines. Staying on-brand throughout your different channels is vital for delivering consistent digital experiences. 


Creating custom themes, easy login and upload options are what’s going to make your experience unforgettable. Adding in the ability for prospects to update & view the document will make a huge difference to the overall processing time. 

Knowledge Hubs

A great option to help with customer onboarding is a knowledge hub. This can be beneficial for prospects and employee onboarding. An improved version of FAQ, a knowledge hub provides answers to questions and adds more detail about specific topics. It can be used as a community space where current users can answer questions and offer help. 

You can read more about Knowledge hubs in our Community Cloud uses cases blog post

Video Chat, Chatbots & Live Chat 

Utilising Video Chat, Live Chat and Chatbots as part of the onboarding processes in your community can speed up smaller issues and questions from prospects at a high level. This will help speed up application processes when prospects have questions related to an application. 

You can read more about custom communities in our Adoption & Customisation blog post here

Employee Onboarding

When it comes to the employee onboarding side of things, this can be just as time-consuming and difficult. 

According to a study from workflow magazine, “28% of workers will quit within 90 days of starting a new job because they had a poor onboarding experience”. That is nearly a 3rd of all employees. 

  • Cross-departmental Manual Processes
    With manual onboarding, there are often multiple back-office individuals that must get involved in the process. This again can cause time lags and unnecessary steps within the process. 
  • Rising employee expectations
    With rising employee expectations in today’s world, employees are expecting fast, high-quality onboarding. With high-level customer service expected, employees expect similar processes and treatment as clients.
  • Turnover can deplete HR budgets
    Having a high employee turnover can be expensive and wasteful of budgets. 
  • Onboarding begins a job offer
    Your onboarding process for employees should begin with the job offer. From this stage on your potential employee can begin their onboarding journey ahead of starting.

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Remote Onboarding

When it comes to the result sides of digital transformation within the onboarding section, we can see many improvements and issues resolved. From our projects, we have seen:

  • Up to 43% reduction in the number of uncompleted applications. 
  • +65% improvement in handling time of applications by allowing the customer to provide all the relevant documentation.
  • Salesforce Community Cloud customers have seen annual ROI’s increased by up to 270% and Cost-Benefit Ratio of 1: 5.4. 

[Case Study by Nucleus Research on the ROI of Salesforce Community Cloud.] 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Get in touch if you are interested in hearing more about our Onboarding Community Accelerator. 

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