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14 Jul 2020
Bucket Reports: Quickly Categorise Report Records (Without Creating a Formula or Custom Field)

Quickly categorise report records without creating a formula or a custom field by bucketing them.

9 Jul 2020
A Day in the Life - The Role of a Technical Lead at Pexlify - A Salesforce Partner in the UK.

We are delighted to share our latest video interview with one of our Technical Leads, Shane Khublall. Shane shares some insight into the life and role of a Technical Lead at Pexlify - A Salesforce Partner in the UK and Ireland.

30 Jun 2020
Working from Home - How Pexlify is excelling at working from home

Working from home is not always everyone’s cup of tea. Today, we’re sharing some useful information and tips on how the Pexlify team have been surviving while working from home but also excelling and keeping up with office banter.

23 Jun 2020
9 Vital Attributes to Excel in Quality Assurance (QA)

Today, one of our Engagement Managers, Conor Daly talks us through the role of a Quality Assurance (QA) and 9 vital attributes to excel in this role.

15 Jun 2020
Salesforce Events 2020 (UK and Worldwide)

In order to be safe Salesforce has moved all their events for the rest of the year online. Today we're sharing all the events you should know about in the UK and worldwide for the rest of 2020.

9 Jun 2020
Improving Page Performance & User Experience With Apex:ActionRegion

Salesforce Developer, Paraic discusses how apex:actionRegion can be used to solve poor user experience & can also add unnecessary processing