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27 Apr 2021
The Perspective Podcast - Financial Service Trends & Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

We chat with Lee Clark, UK Sales Director at Pexlify about the current trends within the sector, the impact of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud on the market, and what excites him about the future of the industry.

23 Mar 2021
Service Cloud Use Cases (plus examples)

People are more accustomed to buying all sorts of products online. They are also more sophisticated with the channels they wish to communicate on. With this in mind, it’s imperative that companies offer first-class customer support across a range of devices and channels. So, how do companies handle large volumes of support tickets or communicate with customers on different channels? The simple answer...Salesforce Service Cloud.

11 Mar 2021
Summer ‘21 Release

Although Spring ‘21 release seems like just a short time ago, we’re all very excited to hear that Summer ‘21 release is just around the corner! It’s important to take this time now, pre-release to check all your use cases to make sure they’re all running smoothly.

2 Mar 2021
How To Retain Assets After The Wealth Has Been Transferred To Younger Generations

Digital technology, Fintech’s and open banking has made it extremely easy for many professions to accelerate their business function and has proven to be financially advantageous in the longer run. However, this does not come without consequences and wealth management is one profession at risk.

18 Feb 2021
New Partner Navigator from Salesforce

Not everyone will be aware but the current/old Salesforce partner model, which has been live since 2015, is being revamped.

11 Feb 2021
Tips for Passing the Salesforce Javascript Developer 1 Exam

The Javascript Developer 1 certification is a relatively new exam which puts an even bigger focus on the UX and the features we add on top of Salesforce. Today our CTO, Or Weissler, shares a few tips and topics of Javascript to focus on while studying for the exam.